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    Worried Sick Grief and anxiety in the wake of loss.

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    Diving Right In

    Olympic diver Steele Johnson ignored the "what ifs?" and focused on the "why nots?"

    Faith & Friends
    Olympic diver Steele Johnson refused to let an injury he suffered during competition define him. "I’ve already been through potentially the worst accident of my entire life. If that didn’t stop me, then what makes me think any dive can stop me now? I don’t think God created that accident, but I do know He really blessed it. It became a learning experience that I gained a lot from.”

    Ring Ruler

    As the world watches her at the Olympics, boxer Mandy Bujold knows who is in her corner.

    Faith & Friends
    Boxer Mandy Bujold reflects on her boxing journey and how her faith keeps her grounded, inside and outside the ring.

    Full-Court Press

    LeBron James and the Looney Tunes gang go all out to save the basketball great's son.

    Faith & Friends
    In Space Jam: A New Legacy, LeBron James' son is abducted by a CGI humanoid named Al-G Rhythm. Can the basketball great and the Looney Tunes gang save him before he gets sucked into the Serververse forever?

    Valley of Life

    The Salvation Army’s Alberni Valley Ministries addresses physical and spiritual hunger.

    Since the pandemic began, The Salvation Army has fed and cared for people more than 155,000 times.

    STRATEGY: The Road Map to Vision

    The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda to release new territorial strategic plan.

    Our territorial mission reminds us of why we exist. Our territorial vision looks forward, showing us where we are heading. Our territorial values demonstrate what we look like when we show up in the world. The purpose of our territorial strategy is to guide us toward our vision; it tells us how we will get there.
    The Salvation Army is active in more than 130 countries worldwide. With such a wide scope of ministry, there are many service opportunities for both officers and lay personnel interested in serving overseas. Below is a list of available positions in other Salvation Army territories, prepared by the IHQ personnel