Salvation Army Canada - Cabinet

The Salvation Army’s leadership team in Canada and Bermuda provide vision and policy direction for the territory.

They are sustained and encouraged by your prayers for wisdom and grace.

  • The Salvation Army - - Commissioner-Susan-McMillan

    Commissioner Susan McMillan, Territorial Commander

  • photo of Lt-Colonel Lee Graves

    Colonel Lee Graves, Chief Secretary

  • photo of Lt-Colonel Debbie Graves

    Colonel Debbie Graves, Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries

  • photo of Lt-Colonel Marsha-Jean Bowles

    Lt-Colonel Marsha-Jean Bowles, Secretary for Program

  • The Salvation Army - - Cabinet - Jamie Braund

    Lt-Colonel Jamie Braund, Secretary for Personnel

  • The Salvation Army - - Cabinet - Ann Braund

    Lt-Colonel Ann Braund, Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development

  • photo of Lt-Colonel Jim Champ

    Lt-Colonel Jim Champ, Secretary for Communications

  • photo of Lt-Colonel Alison Cowling

    Lt-Colonel Alison Cowling, Assistant Chief Secretary

  • photo of Graham Moore

    Graham Moore, Assistant Chief Secretary for Organizational Development

  • Photo of Lt-Col Fred Waters

    Lt-Colonel Fred Waters, Secretary for Business Administration

  • Lt-Colonel Wendy Waters

    Lt-Colonel Wendy Waters, Assistant Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries