Familiarity & Employment Engagement - Salvation Army Canada


Our core values need to be the mother tongue of our workplace language. They need to be touchstones for all people involved in our operation. Staff and volunteers need to understand what each of the values means in their particular context or work environment. They also need to know that behaving in accordance with the values is an expectation for which they will be held accountable. Similarly, they need to see and understand how the values are modeled by their supervisors and other departments or ministry units.

There are a variety of ways you can build familiarity.

  • Language: This is the easiest way to build an understanding of the values. Use our core values ‘words’ on a regular basis, connecting the action and behaviours expected at your ministry unit with the values. 
  • Values, Beliefs, Behaviours exercise: This exercise connects values words with beliefs and behaviours. 
  • Create a culture committee: This group can be charged with actively supporting a values-driven culture, building awareness and integration. 
  • Designate values ambassadors or values captains: They can be your ‘go-to’ people on the floor for values support. 
  • Start a values circle for weekly or monthly discussion on values. 
  • Post the values in public places, both front and back of house: Posters can be downloaded here

Click here for a printable copy of Familiarity