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    If At First …

    It took a couple of attempts for Tim and Kerrin Fraser to pursue officership, but they succeeded. February 26, 2021 by Ken Ramstead
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    Cdts Tim and Kerrin Fraser, with their children, Jordan and Emily
    Cdts Tim and Kerrin Fraser, with their children, Jordan and Emily
    The call to officership was not an “a-ha” moment for Tim and Kerrin Fraser.

    “God allowed the seed to grow,” says Kerrin. “It took years, but he allowed the flower to slowly bloom in its own time.”

    Called, Not Called
    “I’ve always been a part of The Salvation Army in some way or another,” says Tim. “I was born into the Army, my parents are officers, and as soon as I was able to become a soldier, I did, at the age of 14.”

    Tim admits he wasn’t quite sure he knew what he was doing. “At that point, I only knew wearing the uniform was more than that. It meant something greater.”

    A couple of years later, Tim’s corps officer was farewelling.

    “The next time I see you,” the officer told him, “you’ll be wearing red,” referring to the colour of epaulettes that he believed would be on the shoulders of Tim’s uniform.

    “That started me thinking about officership and what that meant in my life,” Tim says.

    After high school, Tim’s thoughts returned to officership.

    “I had always felt that I would be an officer, and I started the process a couple of times,” he smiles, “but God seemed to be telling me that while I was called, I wasn’t called—yet. I needed to wait.”

    Two Journeys
    It was at that point that Tim started dating Kerrin, whose path had been remarkably similar to his.

    Born and raised in her church, she’d worshipped with her family all of her life.

    “I even entered a discipleship program that would have led me to pastoring. Like Tim, I’d always felt called to ministry.”

    But when the pastoral school closed in her first year, Kerrin returned to Powell River, B.C., where she and Tim started to date.

    Coming Home
    Tim told Kerrin about his plans for ministry.

    “I replied, ‘Yes, I’ve always felt called to ministry, too,’ ” says Kerrin. “I didn’t know if that meant The Salvation Army or if it just meant ministry in general. I was just glad that Tim also felt called to something and we left it at that. But the seed was planted.”

    Tim and Kerrin were married in 2010, with Tim’s father and Kerrin’s pastor jointly presiding.

    The couple eventually settled in Grande Prairie, Alta., where family friends, Majors Daniel and Glenda Roode, were the corps officers. Kerrin had never attended an Army church before. “For me, family and church go together,” she says, “so finding a church where family friends were the officers connected me to home.”

    Two Soldiers
    Soon, Kerrin and Tim become involved in their church to the point where Major Daniel told the couple, “I think you are both called to officership. God’s telling you where you need to be.”

    While they demurred, Kerrin took soldiership preparation classes and was enrolled in September 2014.

    Tim was always passionate about his soldiership and it didn’t take long for Kerrin to feel the same way.

    “I appreciated the community inwardly, but I also saw how willing The Salvation Army is to support the community outwardly as well,” Kerrin says. “That resonated with me.”

    “Get Prepared”
    Kerrin and Tim attended an Officer Information Weekend just after she became a soldier. While they knew God was telling them that officership was in their future, they weren’t ready to take that step.

    It wasn’t until the couple moved back to Powell River in January 2016 that the question of officership came up again.

    “We were very involved in our church,” says Kerrin, “but we started feeling that nudge again.”

    Persuaded to attend another Officer Information Weekend, this second visit did the trick.

    “We knew this time that God was saying, ‘You’re ready. This is where I want you to be. Get prepared,’” says Tim.

    Open Doors
    The couple were accepted as part of the 2020 Messengers of Reconciliation Session at the College for Officer Training in Winnipeg.

    Neither have any regrets.

    “I’m passionate about community and helping out in situations where some people might not feel comfortable, such as street ministry,” says Tim. “There, I can share the love of God.”

    “Like Tim, I’m passionate about helping the unseen,” says Kerrin.

    Concludes Tim, “God shook things up and The Salvation Army opened up a door for us, which was officership.”

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