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Let’s encourage our kids, teens, and families to spend the whole month giving thanks. We’ll start! We’re thankful for Major Carson Decker who shared these great ideas for you to use in your location:

Gratitude Collage - Using pictures from magazines/flyers/internet and word cut-outs, create a gratitude collage, displaying the many things you are grateful for.

Host a “Thankful Family Night” or “Friendsgiving Party” with family and friends, include meal/snacks, games/activities, devotional/prayer focus and collect food items to donate to a family in need.

Pay It Forward - One of the best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving is by giving others a reason to be thankful. Challenge your congregation or family members to do some random act of kindness to at least one person during the following week.

Give a Basket of Thanks - Prepare a basket of goodies for people for whom you are thankful. This could be a teacher, neighbour, pastor, or other community helper. Include a note of thanks.

Name Thanks – Use during your Thanksgiving Meal. Put everyone’s name in a bowl and place it on the table. Instruct each person to draw a name from the bowl and say one reason that he/she is thankful for that person.
Photo Gallery - A creative idea for your Thanksgiving Worship Gathering would be to have people email pictures of themselves, with things they are thankful for (or holding up a sign indicating something they are thankful for). Make a slideshow, set to music, and share in your gathering.

Praying With Skittles – Provide each young person/family with a package of Skittles and share this video: Praying with Skittles

8 Kid-Friendly Questions to Ask at the Thanksgiving Table (besides, “What are you thankful for?”):

  1. What new friendship has grown in your life this year?
  2. What challenge are you facing that will help you grow?
  3. How has working hard (with God’s help) paid off this year?
  4. What new experience (whether scary or exciting) did you get to have this year?
  5. What unexpected blessing was given to you?
  6. What is one new thing you learned this year?
  7. What friendship has challenged you to think differently or get out of your comfort zone?