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e-TIPS for Youth Workers

MAY 2021

#BeKind – Submitted by Carson Decker 

As summer approaches, here are some ideas to show kindness and offer encouragement to others. 

Idea: School’s Out Drive Thru 

As the school year wraps up in June, why not offer a School’s Out Drive Thru … inviting students, teachers, and support staff to come by your parking lot (or other designated location) for an ice-cream treat & a friendly “hello” or “congrats on a successful school year”.

Idea: Neighbourhood 
Beverage Stand 

Give back to your neighbours with a Beverage Stand in your yard/driveway. Serve cold drinks & share in conversation with your neighbours. Beverage options: water, lemonade, soft drink (bottles & cans of course). 



Idea: Good Neighbour 

One of the biggest ways the church can serve the community is by being a good neighbour. Explore ways your church can be a good neighbour … and then do it. Ideas could include: trash pickup, free BBQ @ the park, serve a free BBQ lunch in a local business park, parking lot fun day, supplies drive for a local shelter (collecting socks, t-shirts, toiletries, etc.).  

Idea: Dinner’s On Us – #shareameal

Think of someone you would like to bless with a meal. Purchase the ingredients for one of your favourite recipes and place supplies in a basket, with the recipe card. Deliver basket to the individual/family you’re wanting to show kindness to. 

*This could also be done in connection with your local food bank or CFS ministry, with families donating meal baskets.   

Idea: Serving Saturday 

Have youth/young adults serve the elderly/shut-in of your church community, by doing yard/garden work, house cleaning, small reno projects (painting deck/fence), running errands (grocery shopping), etc. After projects are completed, gather the team together to share what they did and the impact it had on them personally. Share pizza and snacks together.  

Idea: Praying for You 

Set up a prayer table for neighbours taking walks or driving by your house. 

What You Will Need: 

Set a table out on your front lawn or driveway with a small basket that has new, sharpened pencils of any size, and prayer cards that are individually sealed in zip-lock baggies. Also, put a separate basket on the table for people to put their prayer requests into. Make a large sign that says, “How Can We Pray for You?”  See page 4 for instructions to leave on the table.

Bags for Foster Kids 

Gather donations to purchase a backpack and necessities that you can deliver to a local foster care office.