Messengers of Compassion - Summer Assignments - Salvation Army Canada

Messengers of Compassion - Summer Assignments

The Messengers of Compassion have received their summer assignments. Please welcome them in Corps and communities across the territory.

Cadet Nancy Studiman - Park Street Citadel, Grand Falls/Windsor, Newfoundland & Labrador Division

Cadet Josh Cain - Bay Roberts, Newfoundland & Labrador Division

Cadet Kassie VanEvery, Fortune/Garnish Circuit (June 29-July 19) & Grand Bank (July 20-August 16), Newfoundland & Labrador Division

Cadets Joel & Lynn Torrens, Chatham-Kent Ministries, Ontario Great Lakes Division

Cadet Andrew Cherry, Goderich, Ontario Great Lakes Division

Cadets Derek & Angela Kerr, Saskatoon Temple & Crossroads Ministry, Prairie Division

Cadets Matt & Lynette Trottier, Berkshire Citadel, Alberta & Northern Territories Division

Cadet Drew Young, Crankbrook - Kootenay Valley Community Church, British Columbia Division

Cadet Anne Beinker, Nuernberg/Furth Corps, Germany

God Bless the Messengers of Compassion!