Winter Assignments Announced - The Messengers of the Kingdom and The Messengers of Grace - Salvation Army Canada


Messengers of the Kingdom

We are happy to announce the Winter Assignments - 2019 - for The Messengers of the Kingdom!

Cadet Alecia Barrow - Dartmouth Community Church - Dartmouth, NS

Cadet Kathryn Dueck - Various Ministry Units - Bermuda

Cadet Danielle Feltham - Truro Corps, Truro, NS

Cadets April and Brandon Keeping - Weston Community Church - Winnipeg, MB

Cadet Bill and Renee Mailman - Brandon Corps - Brandon, MB

Cadets Emily and Kyron Newbury - Gambo Corps - Gambo, NL

Cadets Bob and Susan Roffel - Nanaimo Community Church - Nanaimo, BC

Cadets Andrew Sweet and Olivia Campbell-Sweet - Richmond Hill Community Church - Richmond Hill, ON

The Messengers of Grace

And the Winter Assignments - 2019 - for the Messengers of Grace!

Cadets Glenda and Roger Barrow - New Hope Community Church - Orangeville, ON

Cadets April Barthau and Marco Herrera Lopizic - Portage la Prairie Corps - Portage la Prairie, MB

Cadets Kelsie and Mark Burford - Vernon Community Church - Vernon, BC

Cadets Beverly Burton and John Burton - Beverly -Heritage Park Temple - Winnipeg, MB
                                                            John - A Place of Christian Worship - Maple Creek, SK

Cadets Anjie and Tony DaSilva - Sherbrooke, QC

Cadets Dion and Jenelle Durdle - Dion - The Salvation Army Church - Picton, ON
                                                Jenelle - Southlands Community Church - Winnipeg, MB

Cadets Jory and Rebecca Hewson - Guelph Citadel - Guelph, ON

Cadet David Hipperson - Hanover Corps - Hanover, ON

Cadet Tina Jatzkowski - Crossroads Church - Edmonton, AB

Cadet Amy Patrick - Haven of Hope - Regina, SK

Cadet Patrick Penton - Stephenville Community Church - Stephenville, NL

Cadets Aimee and John Thomas - Weetamah - Winnipeg, MB

Cadets Amanda and Jeremy Thompson - Peterborough Temple - Peterborough, ON

Cadets Almeta and Lester Ward - Sudbury Community Church - Sudbury, ON

Cadets Amber and Brent Wareham - Woodstock Corps - Woodstock, ON

Please pray for the Cadets as they prepare to travel to their assignments and for assignments that will be filled with wonderful learning and growing opportunities!

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