Messengers of the Kingdom

We are happy to announce the Winter Assignments - 2019 - for The Messengers of the Kingdom!

Cadet Alecia Barrow - Dartmouth Community Church - Dartmouth, NS

Cadet Kathryn Dueck - Various Ministry Units - Bermuda

Cadet Danielle Feltham - Truro Corps, Truro, NS

Cadets April and Brandon Keeping - Weston Community Church - Winnipeg, MB

Cadet Bill and Renee Mailman - Brandon Corps - Brandon, MB

Cadets Emily and Kyron Newbury - Gambo Corps - Gambo, NL

Cadets Bob and Susan Roffel - Nanaimo Community Church - Nanaimo, BC

Cadets Andrew Sweet and Olivia Campbell-Sweet - Richmond Hill Community Church - Richmond Hill, ON

The Messengers of Grace

And the Winter Assignments - 2019 - for the Messengers of Grace!

Cadets Glenda and Roger Barrow - New Hope Community Church - Orangeville, ON

Cadets April Barthau and Marco Herrera Lopizic - Portage la Prairie Corps - Portage la Prairie, MB

Cadets Kelsie and Mark Burford - Vernon Community Church - Vernon, BC

Cadets Beverly Burton and John Burton - Beverly -Heritage Park Temple - Winnipeg, MB
                                                            John - A Place of Christian Worship - Maple Creek, SK

Cadets Anjie and Tony DaSilva - Sherbrooke, QC

Cadets Dion and Jenelle Durdle - Dion - The Salvation Army Church - Picton, ON
                                                Jenelle - Southlands Community Church - Winnipeg, MB

Cadets Jory and Rebecca Hewson - Guelph Citadel - Guelph, ON

Cadet David Hipperson - Hanover Corps - Hanover, ON

Cadet Tina Jatzkowski - Crossroads Church - Edmonton, AB

Cadet Amy Patrick - Haven of Hope - Regina, SK

Cadet Patrick Penton - Stephenville Community Church - Stephenville, NL

Cadets Aimee and John Thomas - Weetamah - Winnipeg, MB

Cadets Amanda and Jeremy Thompson - Peterborough Temple - Peterborough, ON

Cadets Almeta and Lester Ward - Sudbury Community Church - Sudbury, ON

Cadets Amber and Brent Wareham - Woodstock Corps - Woodstock, ON

Please pray for the Cadets as they prepare to travel to their assignments and for assignments that will be filled with wonderful learning and growing opportunities!


On Friday, December 6, 2019, Shayne Stanton said:

May God continue to lead you all during your assignments and welcome to Weetamah Aimee and John, we look forward to having you as our family here.


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