Commissioning 2020

Commissioning for the Messengers of the Kingdom took place in at CFOT in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 19, 2020.  What follows are some special memories of this significant event in the lives of the Messengers of the Kingdom and for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda.

Commissioning 2020 - Commissioning SashesMajor Darlene MorganMajor Andrew MorganThe Officer's CovenantReciting of The DoctrinesLt. April Keeping - MOTK ValedictorianLt. Alecia BarrowLt. Kathryn DueckLt. Danielle FelthamLt. Stephen FrankLts. April and Brandon Keeping and familyLts. Bill and Renee Mailman and familyLts. Emily and Kyron NewburyLts. Bob and Susan Roffel and family Lts. Andrew Sweet and Olivia Campbell-Sweet and familyCadets Glenda and Roger Barrow - Field Based TrainingCadet Patrick Penton - Field Based TrainingCadets Almeta and Lester Ward - Field Based TrainingMajor Elizabeth Nelson Messengers of the Kingdom childrenMessengers of the Kingdom and CFOT Staff Officers