All in the Family Innovation grants spark new ministries in Buchans, N.L.

    Inspired for Mission

    The territorial conference and congress is coming this June. Are you ready?


    The Salvation Army will return to Massey Hall in Toronto for the 2023 INSPIRE Conference and Congress.

    A Different Kind of Medical Care

    A Toronto Grace Health Centre program helps people age at home safely and surrounded with care.


    The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre’s Remote Care Monitoring (RCM) program helps older or at-risk patients stay in their homes while still receiving hospital-level care.

    Embracing Equity

    How supporting women in agriculture is forging change.


    Chrissie is a farmer in Chambo, Malawi. After receiving training in conservation agriculture, her yield rose from seven to 35 bags of maize, enough to feed her family for a year and send all her children to school.

    Forging Ahead

    Regional Integration Forums will help The Salvation Army work together to meet community needs.

    Opinion & Critical Thought

    "It has been particularly inspiring and hopeful to hear how our Salvation Army mission partners are finding ways to work together."

    Rahab: Hide and Seek

    When a woman with a dark past co-operates with God, her future turns bright.

    Faith & Friends

    Many of us have a dark past, and when we recall that past, we feel unworthy to serve God and share His good news with others. But God used a former prostitute, Rahab,  to help His chosen people. He saw in her a brave heart and a strong soul. 

    Movie: Jesus Revolution

    Jesus Revolution is more than a movie; it's an invitation to experience revival.

    Faith & Friends

    Jesus Revolution is based on the book of the same title by Pastor Greg Laurie, founder of Harvest Christian Fellowship, a retelling of his first-hand conversion experience with Lonnie Frisbee and Pastor Chuck Smith. An impressive film that does a great job of detailing the incredible spiritual awakening of the 1960s and ’70s and how God moved during that time, it absolutely has implications for us today.