The Edmonton Centre of Hope Community Support Services Team has taken Pathway of Hope into the community this summer with their new 5 week long “Lunch in the Park” initiative. They started at the end of July and every Tuesday and Thursday are distributing a lunch pack with a small toiletry bag, as well as a Pathway of Hope water bottle and information to people in the 10-15 parks they are targeting this summer.

The team has received good feedback from the community, Priscilla Hibbert, the Community Support Services and Volunteer Manager at Edmonton Centre of Hope recalled a story from an interaction, “Yesterday most of all was heartbreaking for me, we gave an elderly man a lunch pack and a gift bag.  He started to thank us and God most of all for providing food at a time when he needed it the most. Even when we were driving away he was there with his hands in the air thanking God. This was a success story for us, even though he didn’t join Pathway of Hope, we were there when he need us the most as we were "Giving Hope Today".”

This initiative is a great opportunity to engage community members in conversation and let them know how The Salvation Army can come alongside them to help them not only with a one time resource, but how we can partner together to help them attain their goals and transform their lives. If you’re in Edmonton this summer, keep an eye out for The Salvation Army Pathway of Hope van!

(above) Community Support Services team members connect with community members during the Lunch in the Park initiative.  

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