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Calling the Courageous - 2017 Soldiership Campaign

2017 marks the launch of a new soldiership campaign for the Canada & Bermuda territory: CALLING THE COURAGEOUSThroughout the year there will be special emphasis given to fostering, nurturing and supporting soldiership through various types of ministries.

Hear the Spirit CALLING THE COURAGEOUS… to live in covenant, as an overflow of your commitment to follow Jesus Christ with all that you are.
Calling the Courageous To Covenant (Bulletin Insert)

Celebration Videos
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CALLING THE Come Join Our Army

Hear the Spirit CALLING THE COURAGEOUS… to come join our Army; to declare: “This is who I am and how I choose to express my part in the story and mission in which I find myself.”
Calling the Courageous To Come Join Our Army (Bulletin Insert)
Enroll and Engage - Ideas for Enrolment Sunday

to Mobilize

Hear the Spirit CALLING THE COURAGEOUS… to mobilize—“to be faithful to the purposes for which God raise up The Salvation Army, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, endeavouring to win others to Him, and in His name caring for the needy and the disadvantaged.”
Calling The Courageous To Mobilize (Bulletin Insert)

Nehemiah - Courageous Leadership Sermon

CALLING THE Future Generations
Hear the Spirit CALLING THE COURAGEOUS… to future generations - to recognize that raising up and discipling the next generation of Salvationists, can not only better the future but can disturb the present - in a positively life-changing, eternity-altering way, in the future and in the present.
Calling the Courageous To Future Generations (Bulletin Insert)

Uniform T's and Onsies - Order Form
Uniform T's

Uniform Onsies

Be What Your Uniform Says You Are

Calling the Courageous Bulletin Cover (docx)  If you get a popup asking for a username and password, simply use the X in the upper right corner to close it and you will go directly to the download.

CALLING THE COURAGEOUS… to be Christ’s broken bread

Hear the Spirit CALLING THE COURAGEOUS… to be Christ’s broken bread: to live out every area of their lives as a sacrament unto God. 

This bulletin insert and sermon  focus attention on our willingness to be available and used by God to accomplish His purposes.
Calling the Courageous To Be Christ's Broken Bread (Bulletin Insert)

Calling the Courageous To Be Christ's Broken Bread - Sermon Outline


This Calling the Courageous focus is on surrender.  A bulletin insert and a devotional to distribute.

Calling the Courageous To Surrender (Bulletin Insert) 


Cracked Pots Devotional and Self Examination

CALLING THE Celebration

The focus for March is celebration. There are two resources - the bulletin insert and a DIY CELEBRATION video idea and instructions.

Calling the Courageous to Celebration (Bulletin Insert)
Calling the Courageous To Celebration (DIY Video Instructions)


Self Denial (now Partners in Mission) has been a significant part of the Salvation Army calendar almost since its inception.  Generally close to Lent, Salvationists are encouraged to sacrifice something they have....and give the money to international missions.  

Here is a Bulletin Insert with a 28 day challenge for giving.

Calling the Courageous to Self Denial (Bulletin Insert)
Calling the Courageous to Self Denial (Poster)

Calling the Courageous to Self Denial


Calling soldiers to renew their covenant and recommit to the mission and ministry of The Salvation Army.

Calling the Courageous to Renewal (Bulletin Insert)