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     The Canada and Bermuda territory has identified 7 Strategic Priorities which should govern our focus and efforts in ministry and mission. Strategic Priority #6 - The Gospel and Transformation has become the responsibility and focus of the Corps Ministries department. 

    The Gospel and Transformation

    Goal: To share the gospel, lead people to Christ and nurture them in their faith


    • Provide evangelism training and resources that empower Salvationists and others to share their faith
    • Adapt outreach methods to best reach people for Christ
    • Encourage ministry units to work and witness outside of their buildings to bring hope to their communities
    • Embrace cultural diversity with sensitivity and openness
    • Care for all creation as an act of worship to God
    • Create diverse opportunities for worship grounded in Salvation Army doctrine and practice
    • Celebrate stories of transformation and new life in Christ
    Initiatives and resources to encourage, train, and support in the mission of evangelism are constantly changing and evolving.  See What's New in Evangelism for more details.


    P.L.A.N. Evangelism image
    A four part focus  (Pray | Love | Ask | Nurture  PLAN) to increase intentionality and opportunities to share the gospel with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.  Can be used as a four part Sunday or small group engagement tool.  

    The .zip file contains printable cards for each focus, an explanatory document, a powerpoint set of slides, and images to be used to create other complementary tools.

    Great for Sunday Emphasis, Small Groups, Discipleship, Mentoring


      Children's Decision Pamphlets
      Children's Decision Pamphlets      

    Evangelism News

    • How We Do Ministry & Mission

      See what we are up to in the territory. October 7, 2019 by Corps Ministries
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      Ministry Resources
      This is how we are ministering through our corps in the Canada & Bermuda Territory.
    • Messy Church

      A great outreach program April 12, 2018 by Corps Ministries
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      Ministry Resources
      Messy Church?  Yes, Messy Church.  This program is an informal multi generational gathering with activities to develop and enhance spiritual growth and involvement in a believing community.

      A growing number of corps in the Canada & Bermuda Territory have started holding Messy Church with some amazing outcomes for which we are...
    • Emergency Preparedness Week

      New resources available March 16, 2018
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      Ministry Resources
      The first full week of May is designated as Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week in Canada...
    • Nov20Mon

      Calling The Courageous To Be Moved with Compassion

      Monthly resources. November 20, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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      Ministry Resources
      New bulletin insert - #11 Includes Video Links

      Find out more about CALLING THE COURAGEOUS and download monthly resources.
    • Nov15Wed


      November 15, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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      Ministry Resources
      A Webinar Series especially for
      Community & Family Services Workers, Staff and Volunteers

      The Corps Ministry Dept C&FS is launching a Zoom webinar series called "Time Out!"
      covering a variety of topics and areas of interest.

      A time out is called during a game for the team to huddle, catch their breath,
      determine strategy and clarity for the final push.

      This webinar series hopes to support, strengthen, encourage and inspire
      C&FS workers, staff and volunteers
      as they minister in their community.

      Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 from 12 noon to 1 pm (EST)

      An effective communication plan can help ministry units build stronger relationships with their community, donors, volunteers, and government funders. This webinar will explore how to gather engaging stories during the Christmas season to boost the profile of The Salvation Army.

      Our presenter will be John McAlister, the National Director of Marketing and Communications Headquarters for Canada & Bermuda


    • Is Fellowship Evangelism?

      View the 2016 report July 6, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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      Ministry Resources
      The 2016 Fellowship Report.

      The danger for a corps which caters fellowship only to members is that it will become ingrown or self-focused...
    • Summer Outreach

      What Outreach Will You Do? April 26, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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      Ministry Resources
      What Outreach Will You Do?

      Congratulations: During 2016  167 CORPS locations organized, executed (and reported in SAMIS) 1,437 SUMMER OUTREACH EVENTS resulting in a total ATTENDANCE of 67,017.  These events were recorded in SAMIS under: Outdoor Meeting, Vacation Bible School, Special Events...
    • 5 Must Do's for Visitors to Return

      Keep them coming back! April 18, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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      Ministry Resources
      Keep them coming back!

      Here are 5 easy things you can do, to increase the probability of having guests return again sooner!

      1.­ Make sure you have greeters...
    • Feb16Thu

      Wycliffe Books on Evangelism

      Great resource. February 16, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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      Ministry Resources
      From Visitor to DiscipleJust the Basics
      Here is a great set of booklets on Evangelism.

      They are quick reads, and very practical.  You can get these as free PDF's ...
    • The Elevator Story

      A tool for congregations. February 16, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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      Ministry Resources
      A tool for congregations.

      In thirty seconds or less, tell me why I should consider attending your church,
      instead of the other churches in your town/city.

      There are times when we try to invite someone to our church but talk too long and often about the things that don’t really matter.­ That’s why maybe we should teach our congregation how to focus and say the things that are important

      This is sometime referred to as an “Elevator Pitch”.­ The simple definition is as follows;
      “ An elevator pitch is a brief yet concise...