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The Salvation Army has always prided itself on being a welcoming community to the 'Whosoever'. The diversity of the 'Whosoever' in Canada and Bermuda has been changing dramatically in recent years. The Corps Ministries Department has been wrestling with questions of how we are supporting and equipping our front lines as they encounter people from diverse cultures, gender identities, aging populations, different faith traditions, some of whom may have been hurt by the church in the past. We want to serve the 'Whosoever', not just by offering food and clothing but by creating real community and friendships.  We want to create ways to share the gospel so that the 'Whosoever' will not only be able to understand but also be open to hearing. This has become the intention motivating the resources we create, and a focus for dedicated diversity resources coming in the new year.

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Although the focus on this article is international business, there are lessons to learn for any communication across cultures and languages.

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