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Welcoming Newcomers: Ministry

2 Sessions
March 18, April 1, 2021

What will we Learn? The following topics are designed to build upon each other:
An overview of Canada’s immigration process and how Salvationists can interpret the biblical call to welcome the stranger in practical settlement assistance ways.

Dates Seminar Description
  Who is the Stranger? Paula Marshall – bible study of “stranger”
  Who Comes to Canada? Paula Marshall, Angelica Hernandez and/or Louise Fernandez
Overview of different immigration streams and basic info for front line workers to know    Reading flowcharts and research summaries about how people come to Canada/settlement
  Who is our Neighbour? Paula Marshall, and Angelica Hernandez and/or Louise Fernandez
How the church and individuals can learn more about new neighbours (cross-cultural learning/experiences)    Reading about cross-cultural experiences
  What comes next? Paula Marshall
Now that we know what God says about welcoming strangers, and we know who the strangers are around us, how can churches and individuals reach out and minister to newcomers

Why a Learning Cohort?
Reflection on God's mission and how it finds expression in our leadership is important. We can increase our learning by hearing and reflecting on the experience of others. The time commitments are intentionally brief, however having several other people to share in the journey over a five week period provides support, encouragement and peer accountability in the process.

What will it Cost to Participate in this Cohort?

The registration fee for this cohort is $25.00. Your Corps may be able to help with the cost of you participating in a cohort. Please see your Corps Officer. The cost of the presenters, resources, coaching appointments and administration is being subsidized by the Corps Mission Resource Department at Territorial Headquarters.


Who are the Presenters?
Paula Marshall
– Immigrant and Refugee Ministries Consultant

What Is the Format of the Learning Cohort? The learning cohort will include the following elements:
  1. Reading or Viewing before the Monthly Video conference: There are a few resources provided before the monthly video conference to provide you with some material for your reflection.  Sometimes it may be reading and at times there may be other helpful online content.
  2. Monthly Video conference:The video conference allows us to meet and learn together from very different parts of the Territory. While the video conference from a computer or smartphone is encouraged to get to know the cohort, there will be a dial in option for telephone as well
What Time Commitments are Involved?
Weekly video sessions.

Any Questions?

If at any time you have questions, you are welcome to contact corps.ministries@salvationarmy.ca   Questions about the content of the Cohort should be directed to the individual Cohort facilitator.