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New Stewardship ConsultantThe Corps Ministries Department (CMD) is happy to introduce Mr. Tharwat Eskander, our new Stewardship Consultant, who joined our team on April 24 and who has been working along side Howard Bridger (recently retired) for these past few weeks. Tharwat comes to us with over 18 years of service in various ministry roles, and with a passion for equipping and educating churches, leaders and youth. He brings to our team new ideas, innovation and resources for a stronger stewardship emphasis in the years ahead. Tharwat will be working out of the CMD on the third floor of THQ.

Ministry Units are invited to look for opportunities to invite Tharwat into conversations and events where he will be able to share his passion and his experience within your Division or Department. He can be reached through the CMD or on Lotus Notes.