Strategic Priority Resources

Below each Strategic Priority are hyperlinks to a variety of related resources.  This is not an exhaustive list.

1. Spiritual Health

Goal: To cultivate the spiritual well-being of Salvationists, employees, volunteers and the people we serve.


  • Educate and encourage people to live holy lives (e.g. prayer, Bible study, preaching, service, etc.)
  • Encourage all ministry units and programs to identify spiritual objectives
  • Develop diverse resources that foster spiritual health

One Army Study Series
Soldiership / Adherent Training Materials
Right Now Media - Bible Studies
Ethics Centre Bible Studies
Holiness Preaching


2. Leadership Development

Goal: To give Salvationists and employees opportunities to grow their leadership potential to advance the mission


  • Invite Salvationists to explore officership as a vocation
  • Promote the role of local officers in the corps
  • Invest in leadership development and succession planning
  • Equip Salvationists to lead others in service to the community
  • Make coaching a priority for those with leadership potential


3. Social Justice

Goal: To promote the dignity of all people, with a focus on the marginalized and vulnerable


  • Deliver services in ways that respect and value people
  • Educate Salvationists, employees and others about living justly
  • Develop resources and stand up against situations of injustice that oppress and marginalize people
Annual Women’s Day of Prayer


4. Integrated Mission

Goal: To strengthen communities by responding holistically to the needs of the people we serve


  • Motivate and equip all ministry units to embrace integrated mission as a way of life
  • Implement an approach to service that cares for the whole person—body, mind and spirit
  • Encourage every ministry unit to engage in evangelistic and social initiatives that transform communities
  • Capitalize on the strengths of the people we serve in order to help them reach their full potential



5. Children and Youth

Goal: To lead children and youth to faith in Christ and foster their spiritual development


  • Implement strategies to effectively reach and minister to children and youth
  • Develop and utilize Salvation Army-specific resources and programs (e.g. CrossZone, Ready to Serve, Just for Kids, etc.)
  • Identify and equip Salvationists to lead children and youth programs
  • Provide opportunities for children and youth to develop leadership skills (e.g. camp staff, corps council membership, music programs, etc.)
  • Engage entire families in children and youth discipleship
Messy Church
Children & Youth Prayer Focus Weekend
Right Now Media - Children's Resources


6. The Gospel and Transformation

Goal: To share the gospel, lead people to Christ and nurture them in their faith


  • Provide evangelism training and resources that empower Salvationists and others to share their faith
  • Adapt outreach methods to best reach people for Christ
  • Encourage ministry units to work and witness outside of their buildings to bring hope to their communities
  • Embrace cultural diversity with sensitivity and openness
  • Care for all creation as an act of worship to God
  • Create diverse opportunities for worship grounded in Salvation Army doctrine and practice
  • Celebrate stories of transformation and new life in Christ
Elevator Story
Earth Day ideas and resources


7. Discipleship

Goal: To encourage Salvationists to develop their relationships with God and express their faith through acts of service


  • Equip Salvationists to actively serve their communities in mission
  • Develop Salvation Army-specific discipleship resources
  • Ensure that every ministry unit offers programs and resources for Christian education (e.g. Bible studies, small groups, Faith & Friends magazine, etc.)
  • Increase enrolment of senior soldiers and junior soldiers
  • Emphasize mentoring relationships

One Army Study Series
Soldiership / Adherent Training Materials
Right Now Media - Bible Studies
Ethics Centre Bible Studies
Annual Ministry Review - Statistical Report - identifies discipleship ministries, outreach into community, projections for Soldier enrollments
Stewardship Consultant & Resources
Right Now Media