Ministry & Service

Disciple-making ministries recognize that growing and living faith is a faith that is put into action and in the service of others. Ministries seeking to strengthen a disciple-making culture will engage disciples in ministry and service: ensuring individuals and teams are equipped for ministry, and entrusting them with responsibilities in ministry that align with and support their God-given gifts, passions, and personalities, for the sake of the gospel.

Ministry and Service Resources

Spiritual growth materials to cultivate and foster ministry engagement.

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment Download

    A spiritual gifts assessment is a tool designed to help individuals within the church community identify and understand their unique spiritual gifts - special abilities, talents, or capacities given by the Holy Spirit. Included in this package is a survey consisting of a series of statements prompting participants to reflect on their strengths, preferences, and experiences in various areas of ministry.

  • Church Growth - Spiritual Gifts Test View Resource

    Church Growth - Spiritual Gifts Test

    Free offers assessments and resources to help churches identify and develop the spiritual gifts of their members. Churches can utilize this tool to empower their congregation, enhance team dynamics, and maximize individual contributions, fostering a more effective and fulfilling ministry.


  • Life.Church - Open Network View Resource

    Life.Church - Open Network


    Life.Church's Open Network is a digital platform offering free resources, tools, and training for churches worldwide. It enables collaboration, sharing of sermon content, and access to curriculum, helping churches innovate and thrive in their mission to reach people with the message of Jesus.

    While a registration is required to access the multitude of resources offered by Life.Church, the registration and resources have been made free by the ministry of Life.Church.


  • Messy Church View Resource

    Messy Church

    Messy Church Canada equips churches to minister to families for whom traditional Sunday worship is no longer a viable option. Messy Church Canada runs workshops to help church leaders start and maintain a Messy Church, publishes a bi-monthly eNewsletter, provides resources for Messy Churches and supports Messy Churches across Canada.


  • Impactus View Resource


    Variable (Blogs and Devotionals are free. Costs are associated with events and coaching)

    Impactus is a dynamic platform empowering men to grow spiritually, lead effectively, and impact their families and communities. Churches can utilize its diverse content, including articles, podcasts, and events, to equip men for deeper engagement in church life, fostering stronger discipleship and community outreach.


    Impactus - Daily Devotional

    Impactus - Articles

    Impactus - Podcasts

  • YouVersion View Resource


    Disciples Making Disciples with Francis Chan

    Taken from his New York Times bestselling book "Multiply," join Francis Chan as he equips Christians to make new disciples... just like Jesus told us to.


    Overrated (Eugene Cho)

    Are we more in love with the idea of changing the world than actually changing it? Journey with One Day's Wages founder Eugene Cho and delve into the Biblical topics of social justice, compassion, and true sacrifice. This reading plan is taken from Eugene's challenging yet uplifting book Overrated.



Our preaching resource page features both external and internal resources that are intended to help prepare inspiring sermons.

Preaching Resources

Sermons, lessons, and materials to support your preaching and teaching ministry. These are not to be plagiarized, but are intended to be a springboard for your sermon preparation.

  • Lectionaries


    Revised Common Lectionary


    The Vanderbilt Lectionary Resource provides a comprehensive collection of lectionary readings, liturgical calendars, and worship resources for churches (corps) following the Christian liturgical calendar. It offers diverse perspectives and insights to aid officers and worship planners in preparing meaningful services that align with the rhythms of the church year.

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    The Text This Week

    Free is a valuable online resource for pastors, educators, and worship leaders, offering curated links to a wide range of resources related to the weekly lectionary readings. From commentaries and sermons to art, music, and prayers, it provides comprehensive materials to enhance sermon preparation and worship planning.

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  • Preaching Tools

    Preaching Tools



    Step Bible offers a comprehensive online Bible study platform, providing access to various translations, commentaries, and study tools. It enables users to explore scripture deeply, with features such as cross-referencing, parallel passages, and historical context, fostering a rich understanding of the Bible's teachings.

    Whether you are preparing for your sermon or engaged in personal/small group studies, consider adding this tool to help you with in-depth scripture study.


    To Download their apps on Android and iOS. You can find them HERE


    Free Version available. Additional packages require purchasing.

    The Logos Bible Study app contains a powerful Bible study and sermon prep platform that allows you to study Scripture and consult commentaries, devotionals, Bible dictionaries, and more-all from your computer, tablet, or phone.

    The free version can be accessed with or without an account. Additional commentaries and study packages require further purchasing.

    Click HERE to explore their video resources

  • Media




    BibleProject is a nonprofit animation studio creating free, captivating videos and resources to explore the Bible's literary themes, historical context, and theological concepts. With beautiful visuals and scholarly insights, it aims to make the Bible accessible and engaging for people of all ages and backgrounds.

    Consider leveraging the wealth of resources available by integrating BibleProjects videos and materials into sermons, Bible studies, small groups, and other educational programs.

    Click HERE to explore their video resources

    WorshipHouse Media

    Variable ($ USD)

    WorshipHouse Media is a platform providing churches with a vast array of resources for enhancing worship experiences, including videos, graphics, and presentations. It offers a diverse library catering to various themes and occasions, helping churches engage their congregations creatively and effectively during services and events.

    Click HERE to explore their video resources

    Igniter Media

    Variable ($ USD - Subscription-Based

    Igniter Media offers churches a comprehensive range of multimedia resources to enhance worship experiences. From videos and motion backgrounds to sermon illustrations and countdowns, the platform provides creative tools to engage congregations effectively. Its diverse content caters to various themes and occasions, empowering churches to elevate their worship services. With three-tiers of monthly subscription plan options, a one-month free trial is available as well.

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  • Sermon Series

    Sermon Series

    Sermon Central

    Variable ($ USD)

    SermonCentral is an online platform providing resources for pastors and church leaders, offering sermon illustrations, outlines, and multimedia tools. It serves as a hub for sermon preparation and inspiration, facilitating the sharing of sermon content and ideas within the global Christian community.

    While costs vary depending on the resource, corps can access sermon outlines, illustrations, and multimedia resources on SermonCentral to enhance sermons, aiding in message preparation and delivery.

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  • Real Life Faith (Book of Jonah) Download

    The Real Life Faith Message Series helps us look at our faith in the messiness of life. What part does faith play in the decisions we make, the mistakes we make, the opportunities we have, and the doubts we have about faith.

    This includes:

    • Real Life Faith by M Puddicombe 

    • Real Life Faith - Handouts

    • Children's Time - Getting Reel with Jonah 

    Courtesies of Major Mike Puddicombe (2023)

  • The Zondervan: Pastors Annual 2024 Download

    Countless preachers have turned to the Zondervan Pastor's Annual written by T. T. Crabtree, a pastor and a homiletics professor, to assist in sermon and service preparation. This tried-and-true resource could make your demanding job as a corps officer a little bit easier. Use its contents as a sermon starter, or tailor it to fit your unique setting and style.

    The Zondervan 2024 Pastor's Annual supplies you with:

    • Morning and evening services for every Sunday of the year

    • Definitive and usable sermon outlines

    • Fresh and applicable illustrations

    • Special-day services for church and civil calendars

    • Wedding ceremonies and themes

    • Funeral messages and Scriptures

    • Offertory prayers … and more

  • Living the Vision - Full Sermon Series Download

    In November 2020, The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory released a vision that will guide the development of a focused strategy in support of our mission over the next decade. Our vision is the sum of many voices; it reflects the aspirations of the more than 3,000 people who provided input into its development.