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    COVID Rally Day

    Five Ways to Increase Your RALLY DAY Impact August 31, 2020 by Corps Ministries
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    Rally Day traditionally has been recognized with large gatherings and celebrations, but 2020 will be very different.  Whether you are able to plan a celebration event (drive by, virtual picnic, open-air service) or not, RALLY DAY can still impact both the lives of corps members and those in the community.


    C - Celebrate the Body of Believers
    Lets focus our teaching on all the things we can do as believers, and move away from the things we are missing by not being able to gather in large numbers.  Christ taught 'where two or three are gathered, I am with them' so clearly our value does not rely on large numbers. Take this opportunity to focus on the power of prayer, the blessings of a body of believers who love and support one another, on ways of uplifting God's people, and our community.

    O - Opportunity to Serve the Community
    So many needs have become more evident during the pandemic, some which have been there all along.  As a community of believers we have the power to pool our resources; perhaps harvesting home gardens for the food bank, donating time to corps or local assistance programs, purchasing a few extra items for the local shelter or back to school supply backpacks, or reaching out to a shut-in or elderly neighbour as cooler days approach. Collectively we can make a difference.

    V - Vision for Evangelism
    Paul told Timothy to always be ready to share the reason for the hope he had in Christ.  Preparing the body of believers to share the gospel has never been more important or relevant.  Equip members through a short study series; there are lots of options on RightNowMedia.  Use the new Evangelism Tool from THQ to engage members to P (pray),  L(love),  A(ask), N (nurture) - PLAN Evangelism.

    I -  Intentional Personal Connection with Every Member
    It doesn't matter how long a person has been connected with the corps; how many years they have walked a faith journey; how connected you might think they are; EVERYONE needs a spiritual connection to help foster faith and good works.  How can you intentionally connect with every member to encourage and support them during this time?  Why not make Rally Day a connection event (phone calls, driveway visits, zoom parties).

    D - Disciple Through Small Groups
    Since large gatherings may not be suitable for all members nor recommended by Health authorities, small groups which follow recommended distancing guidelines are the perfect opportunity to reconnect members who may have drifted apart. Whether meeting in person or virtually, small groups allow for more interaction and conversation to allow believers to explore spiritual truths together.