A Passion for Preaching

Riley Hobbs’ God-given gifts have helped him develop a stronger connection with The Salvation Army.


“I think that reading about my story will spark hope. My generation isn’t done!” 

Your Gifts at Work

Three highlights from the Gifts of Hope program in Africa.


Thanks to your generous support, hundreds of people around the world received the transforming gift of hope this year.

Marking National Housing Day

How Belkin House in Vancouver is building pathways to housing.


Each year, an estimated 235,000 people in Canada experience homelessness. Belkin House in Vancouver is tackling the most common barriers to getting and keeping housing with an extensive housing pathway program.

Small Blessings

Salvation Army daycare in Moncton, N.B., nurtures faith in young children.


Small Blessings childcare centre blends high-quality care and faith formation.

Christmas with The Salvation Army. December 2nd, 2023. At 7 pm.

"The Meaning of Giving"

Phyllis Barnaby is forever grateful for The Salvation Army.

Faith & Friends

Every time Phyllis Barnaby sees or hears anything related to The Salvation Army, she gets emotional. “The Salvation Army showed me the meaning of giving,” she says, and she now contributes to the Army whenever she gets the chance.

Moss Art

Add a bit of forest to your décor.

Faith & Friends

This feature piece on any wall is a simple and cost-effective project. A thrifted frame, paint and paintbrush, cardboard, corkboards, glue gun and glue sticks, and moss brings a bit of forest to your décor.

Trucking In Some Good

Firefighter steps up with a weighty donation to help The Salvation Army help others.

Faith & Friends
After 14 years of working as a firefighter, including four years in Kirkland Lake, Ont., Jeremy Alldred-Hughes has always had a heart to serve the community, both on and off work hours. “I feel like any first responder has the passion and desire to help, serve and look after our community. That doesn’t stop when we punch the clock.

Happy New Year!

Advent marks the beginning of the Christian calendar.

Opinion & Critical Thought

The Christian year is a means of ascribing meaning to time, a focus for worship and thanksgiving, an invitation to formation in the likeness of Christ, a tool for teaching and testifying the faith, and a form of resistance to the emptiness ascribed to time by lifeless philosophies.

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