Rethinking the Shelter

How The Salvation Army Gateway navigated the pandemic—and what we learned along the way.


Emergency shelters are an important part of responding to homelessness, but as the housing crisis in Canada has continued to worsen, they’ve become less effective at solving the problem.

A Pandemic of Loneliness

Feeling isolated? Chances are, you’re not alone.

Opinion & Critical ThoughtCOVID-19

In Genesis 2, God says: “It is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). Humans are inherently social, but the past two years have perhaps been the most isolating in a century. What role can the church play in building authentic community?

Compassionate Care

For Salvationist Suja Chandrasekaran, nursing during the pandemic means putting faith in action.


As the world has grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses such as Suja Chandrasekaran, a Salvationist from Bermuda, have been on the front lines.

The Next Chapter

Adapting to a changing landscape.

Opinion & Critical ThoughtCOVID-19

In these days, we cannot deny the grief and loss that so many are experiencing. As we approach Easter, we are reminded that grief and loss go together with vision and hope because they are the story of the cross and Christ’s Resurrection.

Love in a Time of COVID

A windy wedding day reminded my new husband and me how our lives were shaped by God and the Army.


Marcus and Alexandria Venables didn't have the wedding day they expected, due to the pandemic. But it gave Alexandria an opportunity to reflect on how God has shaped their love story.

Thanks for Nothing

An honest look at gratitude during trying times.

COVID-19Web Exclusive

Gratitude is best cultivated when we take whatever time necessary to sit with our grief, embrace suffering and resist numbing out in the face of hardship. It’s these very things that become the means to cultivating an intimate and more honest connection with God.

Valley of Life

The Salvation Army’s Alberni Valley Ministries addresses physical and spiritual hunger.


Since the pandemic began, The Salvation Army has fed and cared for people more than 155,000 times.

A Tale of Two Pandemics

The unequal impact of public health measures on lower-income households.

COVID-19Web Exclusive

For those who are unbanked, underbanked or live on limited incomes and rely on cash, the shift toward cashless payments and online purchases can mean the difference between readily accessing and living without essential items.

Beyond Essential

In meeting COVID-19's challenge, Judy Peifer leaned on faith to impact the people of Swift Current.

Faith & FriendsCOVID-19

As the administrative assistant at The Salvation Army’s church in Swift Current, Sask., July Peifer's personal mission to make everyone’s day better and to express the love of God to every person she interacts with.

Poetry in a Pandemic

Acknowledging the contributions of front-line workers.

COVID-19Web Exclusive

In March, The Salvation Army recognized the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization’s declaration of a global pandemic by joining together for a territorial day of prayer. Major Colin Bain, assistant executive director, Toronto Housing and Homeless Supports, shared the following poem he wrote to acknowledge the contributions of Salvation Army personnel who serve on the front lines to share the love of Jesus.

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