Salvation Army Canada - Pornography

Position Statement on Pornography

The Salvation Army believes that all persons are created in God’s image. As Christians, we are called to care for the vulnerable, uphold human dignity and maintain family integrity. For this reason, we abhor the prevalence and accessibility of all forms of pornography, whether in publications, theatre, cinema, videos or the Internet.

The Salvation Army affirms the sanctity of sexual relationships based on the teaching of Scripture. The Bible presents sexual intimacy as a gift from God that is ordained and blessed exclusively within the context of heterosexual marriage. Pornography attacks and distorts God’s design by depersonalizing sex and emphasizing the gratification of selfish desires to the neglect of loving, committed relationships. Instead of providing satisfaction, pornography only intensifies lust and may even become addictive. Christians, no less than others, are vulnerable to the pervasive presence of sexually explicit materials.

Pornography is not only an issue of private morality, but of public concern. It erodes the physical, moral and spiritual wellbeing of society. The commercialization of sex is detrimental to the way people seek and perceive love and self worth. It demeans those who are portrayed as sexual objects, as well as its users and purveyors. Pornography is often linked with prostitution, sexual abuse and other forms of sexual exploitation. The Salvation Army particularly deplores child pornography, which harms the most vulnerable in our society.

The Salvation Army urges those involved with pornography to renounce this injurious lifestyle and promotes healing through Christian counselling and professional help. We believe that freedom can be attained by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, continual guidance by the Holy Spirit and the caring support of the Christian community.

The Salvation Army stands against this evil that threatens the quality of personal relationships and national character. We therefore seek to provoke the public conscience and to encourage involvement in the struggle against pornography.

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Canada and Bermuda 2005

This document briefly sets out the view of The Salvation Army.  This statement articulates the values and principles on which The Salvation Army in Canada takes its stand.

The Salvation Army in Canada offers its community and family services along with other social service programs in a dignified and compassionate manner without discrimination, respecting and caring for people whatever their position is on this issue.