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Summer 2019

Food for Thought

We’re all responsible for living our values, but as leaders, it’s our job to set the standard. When core values are effectively embedded across the organization they become a framework for decision-making and a guide for behaviour. Achieving this alignment means that the core values must permeate every aspect of an organization, and it’s the responsibility of leadership and management to ensure that happens.


Being an example of values-driven leadership involves integrating the core values into what you say and do. It is not enough to have a set of values posted on the wall, you need to live them. For leaders, this requires more than talking about values. It means being an example of what values- driven leadership looks like and teaching others to do the same. At the end of the day, it is up to leaders to be a powerful instrument in ingraining the core values across the organization.


In the News

Sermons alone don’t make you a teaching church

It is easy to lose sight of core values when they are not regularly taught. Whether a large company or a small church, values play an important part in informing why we do what we do.


A new way of looking at your company’s mission statement and core  values

For the mission, vision and values to be effective they need to be integrated in every aspect of an organization. It requires you to “live and breathe the mission in each and every task.”


Company values as business  driver

Embedding the core values across the organization is challenging but not impossible. When leaders work together to demonstrate and teach the values they are better positioned for success.


9 ways to reinforce and live your company’s core values  everyday

“Setting the company’s core values is one of the most important identity initiatives a CEO can lead.” Without buy-in and commitment from leaders, values lose their credibility.


Your organization has core values, now what?

When organizations fail to align actions and behaviours with their core values it renders them ineffective. This Forbes article explores the importance of detailing behaviours and expectations that align with their core values.

From our Shelves

Today more than ever, organizations are recognizing the importance of culture in the workplace. Unfortunately creating an ideal culture is not easy. In her book, Built on Values, Ann Rhoades provides helpful insight for fostering a healthy workplace culture that is driven by values.

Built on Values Ann Rhoades Jossey-Bass (2011)

Above are articles and items in the news that we've come across that are themed to organizational leadership, values and ethics, and non-profits in general.

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