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January 2019

Food for Thought

Discussions around dignity in the workplace are becoming more common today and less intimidating. Employees and employers alike are recognizing the importance of creating a healthy work environment that values one another. We are beginning to see policies and codes of conduct that reflect everyone’s innate right to be treated with dignity.

 As leaders we have a responsibility to demonstrate that respecting dignity is a core value. This begins with recognizing that all human beings are valuable and that they do not need to earn a right to be treated fairly. When we promote practices that encourage safety, equality and respect we begin to see a healthy shift in workplace culture. Sustaining a “dignity culture” may sound simple enough but it takes effort, continuous learning and practice and it begins with leaders treating others the way they would like to be treated.

In the News

How to build a culture of dignity, and what happens if you don’t

“We may all be born with dignity, but we are not all born knowing how to act like it.” Creating a culture of dignity requires taking responsibility for our actions and learning ways to demonstrate appreciation and value for others.

All great leaders obsess over this 1  thing

Learning to lead with dignity is not only about learning what to do but also learning what not to do. This Inc. article discusses the most common elements of dignity and what it looks like when they are violated.

This nuance I learned from social entrepreneurs is worth your  time

As human beings we far too often look for ways to fix what we interpret as a problem before gaining a deeper understanding of the situation. Our misinterpretation can prevent us from offering the support that is needed. After all, “the antonym for poverty is not income – it is dignity.”

How architecture can create dignity for  all

When we consider how to promote dignity in the workplace we often forget one of the most prominent elements of what makes us feel valued, the space we are in. We all deserve to be treated with dignity and “we all deserve good design.”

Territory adopts statement on human dignity

“The Salvation Army believes that all human beings have dignity.” This statement offers insight about what it means to treat everyone with dignity.

From our Shelves


In her book, Leading with Dignity, Hicks explores the role that dignity plays in organizational culture. When leaders do not respect the dignity of others it will foster a negative environment. Hicks examines the components needed in order to build a culture of dignity.

Leading with Dignity

Donna Hicks

Yale University Press (2018)



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