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Food for Thought | In the  News - December 2017

Relevance can determine the success or failure of an organization. If its products and services are not relevant it is unlikely that the organization will succeed. Jenn Moulton is the Community Ministries Director at The Salvation Army Heritage Park Temple Church in Winnipeg. She believes that relevance begins with listening.

Christmas is a season of giving. This requires understanding what the needs really are and meeting them in the most practical and effective ways. This year, rather than supplying clients with items that are already easily accessible in the community, Moulton has reached out to understand what is really needed. Moulton explains, “Relevance involves giving a person the resources they need to better their circumstances, but it also means listening with cultural sensitivity — to move into the individual’s world and build relationships with them.” Moulton emphasizes that understanding what needs are relevant requires listening to the people you are trying to support in a way that is comfortable to them regardless of their situation. Building these relationships requires trust, which doesn’t happen overnight. Moulton spends time following up with clients over the phone, at coffee shops and in their homes. When the people in the community recognize that someone is really listening to them they are more open to sharing what their needs really are. This enables Moulton to provide support that helps transform lives.

6 ways to become a better  listener

This Fast Company article discusses the importance of listening and steps you can take to break bad habits and become a better listener.

How to develop great long-term relationships with all your clients

Understanding the needs of clients requires engaging with them in a way that demonstrates commitment to them and their well-being, no matter how it impacts your bottom-line.

6 strategies for being a better listener

Genuine listening requires leaving your ego at the door. Before formulating your own response, you need to listen to the whole story.

Dear church, it’s time to listen

With so many platforms for conversations it can be easy to forget what you are trying to accomplish. There is a lot to learn by listening to those you are trying to care for.

From our shelves

The Heart Led Leader encourages you to draw on your experience, values and heart to transform your leadership style. Chapter 16 focuses on the importance of sharing your own story with others and also taking the time to really listen to the experiences of those around you.

The Heart Led Leader
Tommy Spaulding Crown Publishing (2015) 


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