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Contact the UP Team

We can’t do this alone! The UP team encourages our stakeholders to offer comments and questions. Key questions are used to improve our Q&A page, and comments help us refine our approach to rollout. If there is something you would like us to know, fill out the comment form below.

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Territorial Management Board (TMB)

Project approval and receiver of regular updates

HRIS Steering Committee

Oversight of UltiPro implementation

Paul Goodyear – Financial Secretary (Chair)
Major Dale Pilgrim – Officer Personnel Secretary
Josie Delpriore – Territorial Director, Employee Relations
Ken Kerr – Territorial Director, Information Technology
Patricia Dunbar – Executive Lead, UltiPro Implementation
Keely Harris – HRIS Director, Finance Department

UltiPro Task Force

Group of stakeholders from across TSA tasked with designing the system and “to be” processes.

Chair – Patricia Dunbar, Executive Lead, UltiPro Implementation
THQ ER – Josie Delpriore, Territorial Director, Employee Relations & Cathy Buchanan, ER Project Manager
HRIS – Keely Harris, HRIS Director, Finance Department & UltiPro Project Manager
Personnel – Cheryl Lynch, Officer Records and HRIS Coordinator
Officer Representative – Captain Bradley Reid, DSBA, NL
Officer Representative – Major Bill Barthau, Asst. ED, JPCC
IT – Karim Hirji, Systems Analyst & Chris Bird, Network Administration Team Lead
NRO – Heather Morrison, Director of Human Resources
Payroll – Arlene Cabal, Payroll Director
BC – Wendy Tupling Guest, DDER
Prairies – Joyce Kristjansson, ED, Great West Centennial Life (GWCL)
OGL – Pamela DeRaaf, DDER
OCE – Lisa Baker, DDER
OCE – Brenda Wootten, Director of HR, Maxwell Meighen
BC – Suzanne Sadler, Business Manager, Victoria Sunset Lodge

UltiPro Project Team

Responsible for implementing UltiPro, including change management, communications, data collections, analysis, systems planning, configuration, data conversion and testing.

Patricia Dunbar – Executive Lead, UltiPro Implementation
Keely Harris – HRIS Director & UltiPro Project Manager
Aleksandra Djukic – Functional Business Analyst
Anthony Chow – Functional Business Analyst
Muhammad Malim – Functional Business Analyst
Matthew Shum – Functional Business Analyst
Karim Hirji — Systems Analyst
Jeff Skipper – Change Manager
Cyntra Seebaransingh – Project Administration Coordinator
Arlene Cabal – Payroll Director
Cathy Buchanan – ER Project Manager

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