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Package of Pencil Crayons

Resources will be added here as they become available. Stay tuned for screenshots, demos and training information!

!!Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): A series of common questions linked to 13 pages of answers! Open it!


1. Learn to use UltiPro to view personal and pay information, edit personal information and add direct deposit information.

VIEW Now!   Password: UltiProintro

2. Learn to use UliPro Time and Attendance to request paid time off.

VIEW Now!  Password: UltiProPTOrequest

3. Timekeepers and Managers: What do they do with UltiPro? Can’t employees enter their own time off?

VIEW Now!  Password: Armytimekeeper

4. Timekeepers: Deep dive on how a timekeeper enters absences and overtime on behalf of an employee.

VIEW Now!  Password: Timekeeper

5. Employee Administrators: Hire or Rehire an employee.

VIEW Now! NOTE: This is a video created by Ultimate and does not 100% reflect what is in The Salvation Army’s version, but the steps are correct.


Training Material*

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For Everyone:

Wallet Card: Print, cut out and slip in a wallet or somewhere handy. Basic steps for checking pay and requesting time off.

New tagJob Aid: Accessing UltiPro from a Mobile Device. View/Download 

Job Aid: How to find, log into and get around UltiPro. View/Download the PDF.

Job Aid: How to view and change your pay information. View/Download the PDF.

Job Aid: How to view and change your personal information. View/Download the PDF.

Job Aid: How to turn off Pop-up blockers. View/Download the PDF.

Job Aid: How to Request Time Off. View/Download the PDF.

For Timekeepers:

Tips for Time Entry: View/Download the PDF.

Job Aid: How to Enter Employee Overtime Hours. View/Download the PDF.

Job Aid: How to Update a Timesheet with an Absence. View/Download the PDF.

updated iconJob Aid: How to Add Hours for Hourly / Casual Employees. View/Download the PDF.
New tagJob Aid: Adding a flat rate premium. View/Download

New tagJob Aid: Adding time for a secondary role (multiple jobs). View/Download

For Managers:

Job Aid: How to Respond to Time Off Requests. View/Download the PDF.

Job Aid: How to Approve Employee Timesheets. View/Download the PDF.

For Employee Administrators:

Job Aid: Overview and Tips for Employee Administrators. View/Download

New tag Job Aid: Paid Time Off (PTO) Plan Selections. View/Download

New tagJob Aid: Changing Shifts and Shift Patterns. View/Download


Leader Kits

What is UltiPro? Why should I care? What do I have to do? If you are a manager, supervisor or leader in The Salvation Army, you are likely getting these questions from your staff. We created a presentation file to help you learn more about UltiPro and to share with your staff to help them understand the change.

Phase 1 Kit: Download now!  

Phases 2 & 3 Kit: Download now!

UltiPro Screenshots

Click each screen for a larger image. Use your Back button to return to this page.

1. Home Page
Once you log in, you will see this screen which provides fast access to the your information. Notice the link to your Pay Statement. Along the bottom, UltiPro keeps track of where you’ve been so you can get back there quickly.

2. Menu
When you click the Menu button in the top left corner, you are presented with a list of all the common pages you might want to go to. This makes it easy to click what you want and go right there.

For managers, noticed the “Inbox” on the left side – this is where you will go to approve anything that has been directed to you for review, such as a vacation request, or timesheet change.

3. Personal Information
From the Menu, you can quickly navigate to pages like Personal Information where you can also update your details, like your address and contact information.

More to come!