Under the Tree

The aim of the Under the Tree fundraiser is to bring awareness every year to three main areas in which the International Development Department works – children’s homes, schools and agriculture projects.

Ministry Units can work together as a congregation, a women's ministry group, a youth group, etc. Individuals can then purchase specific items that will help to: Fill a Dorm, Fill a School and Build a Farm. 

Fundraising Challenge 2023

Are you someone who enjoys the excitement of friendly competition? How about adding a touch of festive cheer to your winning streak? Well, here's your chance! Take the first step towards securing a prize this holiday season by registering your corps for the 2023 Under the Tree Fundraising Challenge.

Simply send an email to robyn.goodyear@salvationarmy.ca, and let the spirited festivities begin! 

How do I participate?  

Enlist Your Corps:

Extend the festive spirit to your church community! To participate, simply send an email to robyn.goodyear@salvationarmy.ca to register your corps for the 2023 Under the Tree Fundraising Challenge.

Celebrate Under the Tree:

Create memorable moments by hosting a heartwarming Under the Tree event with your corps at our church. Let's gather in the spirit of joy and togetherness.

Ignite Fundraising Excitement:

Embrace the joy of giving! Engage in friendly fundraising competition within your corps. Explore creative ways to contribute and make a positive impact during this special season.

Seek the Blessing of Prizes:

As we come together in the spirit of giving, there's a chance to receive blessings in return! The top three registered Ambassador fundraisers will be honored with special prizes. Let's join hands to spread love and joy within and beyond our community.

May this fundraising challenge be a source of inspiration and unity!