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ENGAGE OTHERS: Key Concepts and Ideas

The Engage Others domain of the LEADS leadership capability framework consists of four capabilities. Leaders who demonstrate these capabilities:

Foster Development of Others

  • They learn with others and encourage learning while working.
  • They recognize and reward the work and effort of others.
  • They model appropriate behaviour and deal directly with inappropriate behaviour.
  • They coach, provide, teach, and create learning experiences in the context of the organization.
  • They create development plans that focus on learning in the area of strength.

Contribute to the Creation of Healthy Organizations

  • They model and provide wellness activities and initiatives.
  • They create and foster trust in connected relationships.
  • They maintain a focus on safety, service, and quality during change initiatives.
  • They ensure resources are aligned with performance requirements and that people have what they need to perform effectively.
  • They celebrate success and acknowledge failure.

Communicate Effectively

  • They ask coaching questions and listen wholly to answers.
  • They are sensitive to cultural nuances.
  • They focus not only on what to communicate, but also on how.
  • They use and foster mentoring, coaching, and dialogue in conversations.
  • They use different forms of communication to capture attention.
  • They treat alternative perspectives with respect, even when in conflict.

Build Effective Teams

  • They encourage participation on teams from external partners, stakeholders, and community.
  • They find ways to use people’s strengths for team projects.
  • They foster collaboration.
  • They share vision and clarify goals and objectives which align with organizational mission and strategy.
  • They create collaborative opportunities to learn and build trust.