Systems Transformation - Salvation Army Canada


The Systems Transformation domain of the LEADS leadership capability framework consists of four capabilities.  Leaders who demonstrate these capabilities:

Demonstrate Systems / Critical Thinking

  • They think analytically and conceptually, questioning and challenging the status quo, to identify issues, solve problems, and design and implement effective processes across systems.
  • They approach situations with an attitude of continuous improvement.
  • They identify the root cause rather than focusing on symptoms.
  • They utilize existing organizational knowledge and experience to uncover lessons learned.

Encourage and Support Innovation

  • They understand that innovation—either drawn from other sectors or found in a ministry context—is the engine of creativity and create a supportive environment to encourage it.
  • They approach problems as opportunities for system process improvement.
  • They encourage calculated risk-taking.
  • They celebrate success that comes from creative ideas.

Orient Themselves Strategically to the Future

  • They are visionaries that are always in tune with trends, issues, and values that are shaping the future, and use a variety of information gathering techniques to be in touch with those trends and issues.
  • They emphasize sophisticated relationship building/management, influence, communication, and negotiation skills to engage diverse individuals and publics in creating the future.
  • They evaluate the implications of emerging trends on current practice.
Champion and Orchestrate Change
  • They take responsibility for ongoing improvement and take actions that continually renew the ministry of The Salvation Army in Canada & Bermuda.
  • They engage all pertinent stakeholders early in the conceptualization, framing, and implementation of change.
  • They understand that change is a constant, and transformation cannot happen in a static environment.
  • They understand all five LEADS domains are interdependent in creating change, enabling conditions to lead systems transformation.