Foundational Leadership Certification



    The Foundational Leadership Certification (FLC) teaches you essential leadership skills like providing feedback and working through difficult interactions. The program is self-directed so you can take it at your own pace, whether that’s over the course of one year or three.

    The core modules cover basic leadership skills:

    • Leading People
    • Difficult Interactions
    • Coaching
    • Feedback Essentials
    • Performance Appraisal
    • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

      online courses

      Harvard ManageMentor® Courses

      Get the latest on leadership practices by completing six self-directed courses covering a wide range of fundamental leadership topics.

      Connect and Collaborate

      After you complete the corresponding course, you will attend a 90-minute interactive café. These cafés are led and attended by Salvation Army leaders from across the territory. Participants must attend three cafés to earn their certification. 

        leadership cafés


        1. Meet with your manager/supervisor to see if this certification is right for you.
        2. Register for one of our upcoming cohorts. Winter 2024 Cohort registration opens January 2, 2024.
        3. Watch the FLC Orientation Workshop.
        4. Plan your schedule and complete online courses.
        5. Register for and attend the appropriate Leadership Cafés.
        6. Complete the program and earn your Digital Badge for FLC!

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