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    "Happy Birthday to ...

    ... everyone," said The Salvation Army to the clients they serve.

    Faith & Friends

    A Salvation Army ministry in Alberta had a very special birthday barbeque last year. “This is for all the birthdays that you weren’t celebrated,” they told their clients. “This is for all the birthdays you didn’t get to enjoy.”

    Designed for Equality

    God created men and women to be co-leaders. So why are we still grappling with gender equity?


    The power imbalance of man over woman is a result of the Fall and is a distortion of God’s divine will and original design for humankind.

    More Than a Laundry

    The Salvation Army's Gateway Linens in Toronto is a path to independence.

    Faith & Friends

    The Salvation Army's Gateway Linens in Toronto is more than a laundry. It provides jobs, a steady income for those in need and, most importantly, a means to a new life for program participants.

    Embracing Mystery

    Living in the middle of the story.

    Opinion & Critical Thought

    As Christians, we live in the middle of the story, between creation and redemption, waiting for the day when all is made right. Jesus inaugurated the kingdom, but it is not yet fully here. Until then, we live in the tension of an unfolding mystery, trusting God with the unknown.

    Band Together

    Why I’m not stepping back from ministry leadership even though my children are small.


    Staying involved in ministry—let alone in leadership—while raising a family is a challenge. I believe our children need to see us being involved in ministry within the church and in fellowship with other believers during their formative years.

    Waving the White Flag

    I agonized over how I looked. Until God showed me His image of myself.

    Faith & Friends

    Jeanette Levellie realized Jesus was telling her that all her fuss over the colour of her hair was distracting her from His plan for her life—to learn from Him and share His Word. 

    The Salvation Army Contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    International development projects work to bring lasting change to the most vulnerable.

    International Development

    As an international organization that has been committed to these principles since our earliest beginnings, The Salvation Army is perfectly positioned to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, both here in Canada and Bermuda, and abroad.

    From Terminal Cancer to a Miracle

    Had I put a question mark on my prayers?


    Just over two and a half years ago, I sat in the office of my oncologist at the Cancer Centre in Kingston, Ont. Her words will forever be etched in my memory: “Cancer. Inoperable. Terminal.”