Values Worship Series - Salvation Army Canada

Core Values Worship Series


Each worship outline contains all elements needed for your worship service. The outlines are not meant to provide the order of your service. Rather, each outline provides materials and suggestions available for you to use in your service. 

Theme: This series is based on the four core values of the Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory.

Worship Series Elements:

Series Challenge: Corps are challenged to select or create a small project that embodies at least one of the core values while the series takes place.

Call to Worship: Each week includes a call to worship that can be used as-is or modified.

Song Suggestions: Each week includes a variety of contemporary worship songs and hymns to select from when planning the service.

Children’s Moment: Each week includes an illustration that can be used as-is or modified for children’s time during the service.

Responsive Reading: Each week includes a responsive reading that can be used as-is or modified.

Sermon: Each week includes a sermon resource to help guide and develop a sermon for each core value.

Benediction: Each week includes a benediction that can be used as-is or modified.

Additional: Corps are encouraged to add additional elements such as musical selections that focus on the value, testimonies that highlight the value in action etc.