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    FAQs About Strategy

    March 19, 2021 by Brianne Zelinsky
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    Mobilize 2.0
    Since September 2020, the Mobilize 2.0 program has facilitated discussions on strategy with Salvation Army leadership, in effect guiding the creation of a territorial strategic plan that is aligned with our vision.

    Who is creating the strategy?

    Similar to the vision statement development, our strategy development approach prioritizes a high level of consultation. The Territorial Executive Council (TEC), comprised of Cabinet, divisional leaders and CFOT training staff, alongside representative department heads, have gathered regularly since September 2020 to co-create a new territorial strategy. Since February, eight focus groups with both internal and external voices have provided feedback on drafted strategic pillars and initiatives.

    What will our strategic plan look like?

    Our final strategy will be structured as four areas of strategic focus supported by strategic objectives and initiatives. It will align with our vision, reflect our values, and support our mission.

    What is the purpose of a vision-aligned strategy?

    The difference between a vision and a dream is that a vision requires strategy; vision is time-boxed and identifies where we are going. Our strategy will provide the necessary tools for achieving our vision over the next decade. One of the objectives of Mobilize 2.0 is to ensure the Canada and Bermuda territory is equipped with a vision-aligned strategy. This will take shape through the development and implementation of a strategic plan and initiatives that align with our territorial vision statement.

    How will this be different from our current strategic priorities?

    Our new territorial strategy will build upon the current strategic priorities of Mobilize: Upward, Outward, Onward. We asked our people to identify what we will look like when we achieve our vision and what barriers we might face in trying to achieve our vision. The responses from TEC and eight focus groups (internal and external) will ultimately inform our strategy. Diverse engagement and regular review are an intentional approach to ensuring fair process throughout the development of our territorial strategy.

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