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Temporary Foreign Workers Program and Labour Exploitation Training

March 30 from 9 am - 12 pm Pacific Standard Time, to 12 pm - 3pm Eastern Standard Time

Join us to learn more about the Temporary Foreign Workers Program and Labour Exploitation. In this training, participants will learn:

  • The Basics of MSHT .
  • What is the Temporary Foreign Workers Program ( TFWP ) ?
  • How the TFWP can branch into exploitation using examp les and case studies
  • How the Salvation Army’s Family Services, Thrift Stores, and Corps can help?
  • The importance of relationship building.
  • What resources are out there to assist individuals in the TFWP who are experiencing labour exploitation?
  • What do the resources offer?
  • How do we access them?

This training will also include group conversation / work and time to ask questions to the presenters. This train ing is ideal for people  throughout the territory engaged in work / ministry through the Salvati on Army’s Family Services, Community Food Banks, Thrift  Stores, involvement in a Corps , and / or people who want to learn more.  

Stay Tuned - We will be offering this training again in the future.  For any inquiries or questions, please contact