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Temporary Foreign Workers Program and Labour Exploitation Training

March 30 from 9 am - 12 pm Pacific Standard Time, to 12 pm - 3pm Eastern Standard Time

Join us to learn more about the Temporary Foreign Workers Program and Labour Exploitation. In this training, participants will learn:

  • The B asics of MSHT .
  • What is the Temporary Foreign Workers Program ( TFWP ) ?
  • How the TFW P can branch into exploitation using examp les and case studies
  • How the Salvation Army’s Family Services, Thrift Stores, and Corps can help?
  • The importance of relationship building.
  • What resources are out there to assist individuals in the TFWP who are experiencing labour exploitation?
  • What do the resources offer?
  • How do w e access them?

This training will also include group conversation / work and time to ask questions to the presenters. This train ing is ideal for people  throughout the territory engaged in work / ministry through the Salvati on Army’s Family Services, Community Food Banks, Thrift  Stores, involvement in a Corps , and / or people who want to learn more.

Upon registration, a confirmation email with link to the session will be sent out.

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Ray Lamont

National / Territorial Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT) Response Coordinator (Canada and Bermuda)

Ray has completed her Anti- Human Trafficking Certificate through Vanguard University and was involved in an EU sponsored Advance MSHT Training in the Netherlands. She has also completed her Masters of Slavery and Liberation through the University of Nottingham with her dissertation focusing on how Canada's federal anti - trafficking plan reproduces and sustains colonial structures that increase the vulnerability of Indigenous women and girls to be victims of domestic sex trafficking. She has been involved in front line work in this field in Canada and Greece while having some short - term experiences in Italy and Bangladesh. She is the V ice Chair for The Salvation Army's International MSHT Response Council and is the Coordinator for MSHT Response work for the Caribbean and North America Zone.

Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Ray loves spending time with her two sons and husband going on adve ntures, sharing deep belly laughs, and connecting with others.

Stacey Dlamini

Stacey is a soldier at Westville Corps Salvation Army in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. She is a wife, a mother and a grandmother. She has attended the Salvation Army all her life and has been active in the fight against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking b oth in Canada and in her other home Territory, Southern Africa.

Stacey’s work with Temporary Foreign Workers in Nova Scotia, Canada has been as a volunteer and stems from a personal passion for social justice.

In 2017 Stacey was introduced through a fr iend to a group of women from Jamaica who were working on a Nova Scotian farm on the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program. As she became more familiar with the issues and challenges they faced, Stacey became an active advocate, navigator and friend.

Sta cey is a member of Canada and Bermuda’s Territorial (National) Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response (MSHTR) Council and the Caribbean and North America Zonal MSHTR Council.

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