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Spiritual Health and Staying Connected to God

Spiritual Health and Staying Connected to God May 26, 2022

Key Points:

  1. Living our Lives in a “Shalom Center/Space” – refers to the way that we connect with God, other people, and ourselves while aiming for these connections to be made perfect / whole / complete (shalom).  This is something that we need to intentional focus and work on in our lives. 

  2. “Contend for time with God” – intentionally make space and time to sit, press into, unload with God.  This will move us into a true dependency upon Him.

  3. Allow space and time to work stress out through your body through physical activity.

  4. Contain the Chaos” – Chaos can easily overwhelm and consume us. Set aside a predetermined amount of time every day (or as needed) to focus and engage in activities dealing with the chaos.  Then put it in a “box” and give it over to God.  Bring that “box” out the next day to focus on for a set amount of time.   

Additional Resources:

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Infinitum – Infinitum was founded by a small group of friends in 2015 out of a deep desire to pursue Jesus more authentically and intentionally.  Leaning on the monastic examples from generations before, Infinitum became a practice and posture for discipleship in the modern world.