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    Salvationist Podcast: 2021 Wesley Studies Symposium Season 3, Episode 5 with Dr. James Pedlar and Dr. Joel Thiessen

    A Letter From the Territorial Commander on Bill C-7

    Reflecting on changes to medical assistance in dying legislation.

    Territorial NewsTerritorial News
    We will continue to monitor the implementation of this legislation and work with governments and our caregivers to navigate any impact this legislation may have and to find ways support the delivery of holistic services to people experiencing severe illness and disease, including palliative care at the end of life.

    City of Lights

    Hope is at the heart of The Salvation Army’s mission in the France and Belgium Territory.

    The spiritual landscape of France and Belgium is incredibly diverse, with a mixture of cultures, languages and religions. The opportunities for ministry are incroyables and the work of The Salvation Army is desperately needed.

    Resurrection Life

    Transformation to a new life is made possible through the risen Christ.

    On that first Easter morning the disciples were still experiencing Roman occupation and all that came with it, but the realization that Jesus was alive and that every promise had been fulfilled changed everything. They now had an eternal view.

    Last at the Cross

    The women of Easter.

    Many women played a vital role in Jesus’ life and ministry. They travelled with him, provided for him out of their own resources and stood by him to the end. Here are five women whose lives were shaped by Easter.