Salvation Army Canada - Monthly Territorial Prayer Focus

Monthly Territorial Prayer Focus

Every month, the territorial spiritual life development department produces a monthly prayer guide. Please join with us in prayerful support.

August 2017 Territorial Prayer Focus

This month let us celebrate and prayerfully reflect on the wonder of God’s good creation. Thank God for creation. Read Genesis 1 – 3, Psalm 8 and Romans 8. Care of creation is included in our response to the gospel. The church is called, with dependence on the Holy Spirit, to respond radically and faithfully to care for God’s creation. As a church we are called to take steps, personally and collectively, to live within the proper boundaries of God’s good gift in creation, to engage further in its restoration and conservation, and to equitably share its bounty with each other. For many of us our prayer will begin with lamentation and repentance for our failure to care for creation. More on this subject can be found at

Pray for the children who will be invited to enjoy God’s good creation at Salvation Army summer camps. Ask God to use the exploration of creation to awaken in children a revelation of Him; “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1).

Pray for Divisional Youth Secretaries and camp staff as they lead summer camping ministries. Ask God to provide safety in all activities, new and strong friendships that will enrich lives, and positive Christian examples that serve to shape desire to live for Jesus.

Please pray for the Territorial Music School (TMS) held at Jackson’s Point Conference Centre August 26 – September 2. Commissioner Susan McMillan and other territorial leaders will share messages and engage with the campers. Chris Stoker (USA East) will give the Bible Instruction and Dr. Harold Burgmayer (USA Central) will give the Music leadership. The Canadian Staff Songsters will also be involved in the week. Campers at the TMS are at a pivotal time in their lives, they are so greatly influenced by the world around them. It’s so easy to come to camp where we are in a safe environment, entering into God's word on a daily basis, and being surrounded in fellowship with believers. The hard work begins when we go our separate ways on September 2. For many, TMS marks the end of the summer which means facing new challenges such as a new school, new job etc. Pray that campers will grow in their faith, grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and that God would continue to work in them as they go back to their home corps.

Please pray for all those in our territory affected by the trauma of forest fires. Pray for the families evacuated from their homes, the emergency response teams providing spiritual and physical support and those asked to contribute donations to bring relief. 

Pray for the faculty and staff of Booth University College and the College for Officer Training (and for others like them) who, this month, enjoy well deserved vacations. Pray that the break from the pressures of work and normal routines will be refreshing and renewing. Pray for God’s renewing presence and for the passion and energy that they will bring back to campus life.

Lord we pray that you would bless The Salvation Army, our corps and our people with a fresh outpouring of the Spirit, of prayer and supplication. May we know total dependency on you and have a deeper, more intimate relationship with you. Help us to devote ourselves to prayer. Amen

Download: August Prayer Focus (PDF)