Salvation Army Canada - Monthly Territorial Prayer Focus

Monthly Territorial Prayer Focus

Every month, the territorial spiritual life development department produces a monthly prayer guide. Please join with us in prayerful support.

January 2018 Territorial Prayer Focus

As we begin a New Year we often include in our resolutions, goals to improve our personal health and wellness.  Let us add to our resolutions and planning “Healthy lives and well-being for all” which is one of 17 sustainable development goals (SDG’s) set by the United Nations.  On pages nine and ten of the booklet “Go and Do Something” you can read information that will assist you in planning and praying for the “Health and wellness of all” –  What should we pray?  Pray that a spirit of gratitude will be in those who have plentiful.  Pray also for vision, optimism and wisdom for those with the power and influence to make the distribution of food fairer.

Social justice is one of the territorial strategic priorities.  As we plan and pray to live more ‘just lives,’ our experience of spiritual health and wellness (another priority) will improve.

Together we pray for events and themes in our territory this month…

Pray for the Call & Commitment Emphasis that will take place in February in Corps across the territory and the Candidate Recruitment Campaign that will be launched. We are praying that many will hear and respond to the call of God on their lives to serve Him in The Salvation Army, and as a result of their obedience, we are praying for more Kingdom growth in Canada and Bermuda.

Pray for Officer/Leader Spiritual Retreats taking place across the territory this month and next.  Pray for a time of restoration, renewal and refreshment for our officers and Ministry leaders.  Pray that the dew of Heaven will fall upon each person present. That God will speak into lives and give wisdom and direction for days ahead.

  • Pray for British Columbia Officer/Leader Retreat starting January 9 with guests, Commissioners James & Carolyn Knaggs, former territorial leaders in the US Southern Territory now retired in the US Eastern Territory.  
  • Pray for Alberta Officer/Leader Retreat starting January 16.
  • Pray for Prairie Officer Retreat starting January 22 led by Colonels Lee and Deborah Graves.
  • Pray for Quebec Officer/Leader Spiritual Retreat starting January 29 with guests Colonels Daniel and Eliane Naud, the TC & TPWM of France and Belgium Territory.  
  • Pray for Maritime Officer/Leader Retreat starting January 29 led by Commissioner Susan McMillan.
  • Prayer for the Newfoundland and Labrador Officer/Leader Retreat starting January 30 with guests Majors Ron & Donna Miller.

Pray for the Cadets at the College for Officer Training as they start a new school semester.  Pray that the Spirit of God would equip them with what they need as they prepare to enter ministry, and that these important things would be worked into their lives as they journey CFOT.  Pray for faculty of our CFOT, Majors David and Brenda Allen, as they travel to Zimbabwe this month to lead a Holiness Conference. 

Pray for Booth University College as faculty and students return from Christmas break to begin a new semester; Winter intensive courses January 8 -12 and 15-19, regular winter term begins January 15.

Download: January Prayer Focus (PDF)