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About NEON

NEON is the Staff Worship Team for the Canada and Bermuda Territory of the Salvation Army. We are committed to supporting the Corps, Churches and Ministry centres across our territory. Whether through providing music for corporate worship, assisting and training worship leaders or writing, publishing and recording new expressions of Salvation Army worship, NEON is committed to helping others connect with God.

Meet the Team


Originally from Sydney Australia, but now from Mississauga Community Church in Toronto. I have been in NEON since 2016 when the group first started. I joined because I am passionate about sharing the love of God and giving people a chance to encounter God through music. I am still in the group because God has given me gifts that I need to use for His glory and I am still excited to see congregations worshiping together.


I'm from Meadowlands in Hamilton. I joined NEON in September 2023 because I'm passionate about facilitating accessible and meaningful worship experiences for congregations!


I am from Whitby, attending Oshawa Temple. Following a clear sign from God, I became part of NEON in October 2023. I've always been passionate about leading, especially now in the realm of ministry. I am incredibly grateful that God has presented this opportunity for me to worship, connect with others, and help facilitate their connection with God.


I am from Guelph, Ontario and attend Guelph Citadel. I first played with NEON in the summer of 2023 and joined the group full time in the following fall. I love being a part of this group because it gives a chance for me to grow my skills as a worship leader so I can be equipped to pass it on to others and share my love for Christ with them.


I am from Richmond Hill (RHCC). I just recently joined NEON a few months ago. I joined because I love Jesus, music, and being able to help facilitate connection points with GOD through worship.


I am from Mississauga and I’ve grown up at Mississauga Community Church. This is my first year in NEON and I joined simply because I love to worship and experience the Lord through music!


I am from Guelph, Ontario. I joined NEON in 2018.  I joined NEON because I love to praise God through music. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other people over the mutual love of Jesus, and to learn more about music along the way.


I am from Hamilton, Ontario and I attend Mountain Citadel church. I joined Neon in October of 2019. I joined because being able to worship through percussion is a spiritual and cultural connection for me with my African and Indigenous ancestry.


I'm from Meadowlands in Hamilton. My first involvement with NEON was from 2017-2019. I rejoined for the 2023/2024 season because I have a passion for leading worship, and equipping leaders across the territory.