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Embracing Mystery

Living in the middle of the story.

Opinion & Critical Thought

As Christians, we live in the middle of the story, between creation and redemption, waiting for the day when all is made right. Jesus inaugurated the kingdom, but it is not yet fully here. Until then, we live in the tension of an unfolding mystery, trusting God with the unknown.

Band Together

Why I’m not stepping back from ministry leadership even though my children are small.


Staying involved in ministry—let alone in leadership—while raising a family is a challenge. I believe our children need to see us being involved in ministry within the church and in fellowship with other believers during their formative years.

Waving the White Flag

I agonized over how I looked. Until God showed me His image of myself.

Faith & Friends

Jeanette Levellie realized Jesus was telling her that all her fuss over the colour of her hair was distracting her from His plan for her life—to learn from Him and share His Word. 

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