LEADS Capability Framework


    “As an organization working in a world of constant change, it is imperative that The Salvation Army adopt a framework to stay focused, be consistent and have clarity about how we will achieve our mission.” — Lt-Colonel Brian Armstrong

    What is the LEADS Capability Framework? Put simply, it is a description of the ingredients essential for good leadership. It’s how we can understand the capabilities expected of an organizational leader in the Army.

    The LEADS framework gives us common language to describe the capabilities and competencies expected of leadership across all levels of our organization. It’s important not to look at LEADS as a model or program; it is the lens we use to understand leadership as more than simply a role or position.

    LEADS defines leadership capabilities within five domains. While the list is not exhaustive, it shows us a clear overview of the capabilities we expect from our leaders. These need to be combined with the development of the technical skills required in each ministry alongside a commitment to our mission and values. Each of the five LEADS capability domains is divided into four capabilities.

    • LEAD SELF: Self-motivated leaders… are self-aware; develop themselves; manage themselves; demonstrate character.
    • ENGAGE OTHERS: Engaging leaders… foster development of others; communicate effectively; contribute to the creation of healthy organizations; build teams.
    • ACHIEVE RESULTS: Goal-oriented leaders… set direction; take action to implement decisions; strategically align decisions with vision, values and evidence; assess and evaluate.
    • DEVELOP COALITIONS: Collaborative leaders… purposefully build partnerships and networks to create results; mobilize knowledge; demonstrate a commitment to customers and service; navigate socio-political environments.
    • SYSTEMS TRANSFORMATION: Successful leaders… demonstrate systems/critical thinking; orient themselves strategically to the future; encourage and support innovation; champion and orchestrate change.

    In developing these capabilities, individuals in the Army will grow in their skill and confidence as a leader. The onboarding and integration of the LEADS Capability Framework in the Canada and Bermuda Territory is a vital first step towards building a culture of responsible leadership.