“Developing leadership skills is crucial for success within The Salvation Army and a key factor in being fit and positioned to take [your] place in the world according to God’s plan and purpose.” General Brian Peddle

The Leadership Development department offers educational opportunities to officers and employees across the Canada and Bermuda Territory. Our goal is to encourage you to grow in ways that strengthen your leadership capabilities, enrich your career development, and enhance your engagement and commitment to The Salvation Army.

We understand higher education as more than just a means to getting a job or fulfilling a career goal. It's a transformative experience, not only for the individual, but for the communities to which they belong.

Our education is never just for ourselves. When we grow and develop confidence in our knowledge as individuals, we encourage others to do the same; learning is contagious! In this way - through our individual and collective willingness to learn - we can further the Army's mission in building vibrant, Jesus-centred communities.


2012: The Salvation Army identified leadership development as a strategic priority of the Canada and Bermuda Territory.          

2015: The Territory’s Leadership Development department was tasked with creating and implementing a plan to develop leaders—officers, employees, and lay Salvationists. This call led to a more intentional approach to leadership development at the territorial level.

2019: General Brian Peddle renewed the importance of developing our leaders internationally across The Salvation Army. Leadership Development in the Canada and Bermuda Territory co-created an Army specific LEADS Learning Series in partnership with LEADS Canada.

2020: An external assessment by the NOUS Group stated that Leadership Development has rapidly developped into a highly valued entity delivering programs and support across the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

2022: The official launch of the new and improved Leadership Development website, highlighting the new in-house and partner programs. The LD team continues to build in-house opportunities that help the people of our Army develop impactful leadership skills.