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    Since a gender equity chair was first appointed in 2020, a tremendous amount of work has transpired, culminating in a final report presented to and approved by the spiritual and denominational affairs (SDA) board in May 2022. By October of that year, many of the recommendations were approved. The report highlighted that equity is not just the right thing to pursue from a theological perspective, but it is also urgent from a practical standpoint. The work of “publishing salvation to the world” requires each officer to be fully engaged. The report seeks to address practical day-to-day change, as well as cultural and systemic change. When both women and men are empowered to lead in the ways God has called them to lead, we all thrive. 

     Our territorial leaders are committed to working towards equity for officers in collaboration with the gender equity committee and mission partners to bring the recommendations to life. This site will serve as the hub for the territory's gender equity progress as we collectively work towards equity in officership while delivering a mutual flourishing and effective partnership in ministry.


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