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Designed for Equality

God created men and women to be co-leaders. So why are we still grappling with gender equity?


The power imbalance of man over woman is a result of the Fall and is a distortion of God’s divine will and original design for humankind.

Equipping, Empowering, Exploring

Female empowerment and gender equity are top priority in the Zambia Territory.


In keeping with International Women’s Day, held each year on March 8 to celebrate the achievements of women and mark a call to action for accelerating women’s equality, here are some of the exciting things happening in the Zambia Territory.

Full Speed Ahead

Task force makes gender equity within officership an international priority.


Working group moving the gender equity agenda forward in The Salvation Army.

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Raise Your Voice God's Design for Gender Equity

Raise Your Voice

Bible Study on Gender Equity from New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory

A new Bible study resource, Raise Your Voice, has been produced by the women’s ministries department of the New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory. Each chapter of the seven-part series provides a robust biblical foundation for The Salvation Army's belief that women are equal partners with men in both value and status.

Theory and Practice of Gender Equality in The Salvation Army by Colonel Janet Munn

Theory and Practice of Gender Equality

by Colonel Janet Munn

The history of Christianity reveals a stunning polarity in the use of power with regard to personal holiness, social responsibility, and gender equality. Although The Salvation Army has long been a leader in the ordination of women, there appear to be varying understandings of both the theory and practice of gender equality within its ranks. Colonel Janet Munn's doctoral work surveyed Salvation Army leaders internationally to ask about their awareness of biblical equality in action within their commands. Their responses, framed by Colonel Munn's study of Luke's Persistent Widow, as well as theoretical teachings on power make these pages an important resource for those who desire to see The Salvation Army live out its commitment to biblical equality, effectively utilizing the gifts of all who are called to its ministry.

Hidden Treasure. Valuing Women in The Salvation Army.

Hidden Treasure

Edited by Major Leanne Ruthven

Hidden Treasure: Valuing Women in The Salvation Army is a compilation of women officers’ stories edited by Major Leanne Ruthven. Contributions from a variety of women around the world, in their own voices, tell of how women officers—particularly married women officers—have been in a virtual blind spot for too long in The Salvation Army. The stories that are shared in Hidden Treasure could be told in any of the 126 countries where the Army operates. They reflect small things that demean and distress married women officers, such as hearing that “decisions were made about me, but communication was never directed to me.” They also reflect large oversights in the way appointments are planned and carried out.

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