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@theReady Framework

We’re excited to share @theREADY: a brand new discipleship framework to help you make
CHRIST-centered, OTHERS-focused disciples.

Take a minute to watch our short introductory video, then learn more by
browsing the additional podcasts, videos or print materials.

We’re glad you’re interested in working together to make CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused disciples! Download an overview of the @theREADY framework to learn more about making a disciple-making culture shift that will help you develop @theREADY disciples at every phase of a young person’s development.

The Overview will help you understand keys components of the framework: introducing age phase categories, integrating Orange strategy, curriculum and resources, utilizing Salvationist-specific resourcing, shifting approach from simply teaching to training disciples, re-imagining Corps Cadets for the 21st century, as well as seeing the journey so far, and where we hope to go next!

Click here
 to download your own copy of the @theREADY Framework Overview!

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