"Your inclusion in this story took place before you breathed your first breath. Your story is infused with meaning and purpose because it's been included in God's story" - David Tripp

    About Candidates

    Welcome to our Candidates Web Page! This is the place to find everything you ever wanted to know about Candidates in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. We all have unique stories, and we all have a place in God’s story. Whether it be through full time ministry as an officer, long term vocational ministry, local ministry opportunities, mentoring those who are figuring that out or praying for others, we all are called to participate in what God is doing here on earth and through His church as part of The Salvation Army.

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    Thumbnail graphic that says Support the Impact. Our goal is to encourage and support the significant impact of corps officers and ministry leaders. Why? The relational influences of ministry leaders have an important impact on individuals considering full-time ministry with the Salvation Army. Thumbnail graphic thay says Identify and Recruit. Our goal is to continuously find new people with leadership potential and tap them on the shoulder for full-time ministry service with The Salvation Army. Why? There is a need to shift from a culture where candidates primarily self-identify, to a reality where influencers proactively recruit and identify candidates. Thumbnail graphic that says the Journey to Full-Time Service. Our goal is to make the journey to full-time service engaging, purposeful, and proactive. Why? The journey to full-time covenanted service should be a positive life-changing discipleship process.
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