Walk the reconciliation path with us

    The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda has committed to a journey of reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. We believe that everyone can participate in the ministry of reconciliation and we invite you to join us as we listen, learn and seek to walk together in right relations.


    Celebration of Culture

    Salvationists share their experiences of the annual event.

    Indigenous Ministries

    In September 2017, The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda partnered with Indigenous Pathways for the first Celebration of Culture, a sacred space where Indigenous and non-Indigenous followers of Jesus could gather to walk in good relations. As we prepare for the fifth Celebration of Culture this August, Captain Crystal Porter asked people from across the territory to share their experiences of the event.

    Good Medicine

    How the craft of beading is helping Captain Crystal Porter reclaim her Indigenous identity.

    Indigenous Ministries

    In season 3 of the Salvationist Podcast, host Brandon Laird spoke with Captain Crystal Porter, assistant territorial Indigenous ministries consultant and divisional youth secretary, Prairie Division, about her journey to reclaim her Indigenous identity, and how the craft of beading has connected her to the land and to her Indigenous community.