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    The Salvation Army's Extraordinary Year in Disaster Services Last year, EDS helped more than 15,000 people during emergencies or when disaster struck.

    Saving Isabel

    New movie La Deuda unpacks a biblical parable as a young boy attempts to keep his pet safe.

    Faith & FriendsFaith & Friends
    La Deuda is a fictional story inspired by Jesus’ parable of the unmerciful servant (see Matthew 18:21-35). But its Mexican setting is essential to the fabric and the characters. Read how one boy's decision has consequences beyond his family.

    A Conversation With New Chief Secretary Colonel Evie Diaz

    She shares her journey of officership, lessons on leadership and hopes for the future of the Army.

    On May 1, the Canada and Bermuda Territory welcomed Colonel Evie Diaz as its new chief secretary. Most recently, Colonel Diaz served as the chief secretary at International Headquarters. In this interview with Geoff Moulton, editor-in-chief, she shares her journey of officership, perspective on leadership and hopes for the future of the Army.

    Meet the Chair of The Salvation Army’s New Gender Equity Task Force

    Dr. Kimberley Mullins on challenging assumptions and creating opportunities for women.

    Gender equity is a key part of our Christian worldview, and yet there remains a persistent gap in The Salvation Army and society at large when it comes to opportunities for women. Editor-in-chief Geoff Moulton spoke with Dr. Kimberley Mullins about her role as chair of The Salvation Army’s new gender equity task force.

    New Interim Executive Director Appointed to Ethics Centre

    Colonel Eleanor Shepherd to replace Ethics Centre founder Dr. James Read, who retires on October 1.

    Territorial NewsTerritorial News
    Colonel Eleanor Shepherd has been appointed as the interim executive director of the Ethics Centre of the Canada and Bermuda Territory, effective October 1, 2021. She succeeds Dr. James Read, who will retire after serving since 1994 as the founder and executive director of The Salvation Army Ethics Centre. Based in Winnipeg, the Ethics Centre

    2021 Executive Appointments Announced

    These appointments will come into effect on July 2, 2021.

    Territorial NewsTerritorial News
    International Headquarters has approved the following appointments effective July 2, 2021: Major Melisa Tardif Marcoux, currently serving as Area Commander, Quebec Division, to be Divisional Commander, Quebec Division Major Keith Pike, currently serving as Divisional Commander, Quebec Division, to be Divisional Commander, Maritime Division

    What Prevents People From Full Participation in The Salvation Army?

    Learning from the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch.

    Opinion & Critical ThoughtOpinion & Critical Thought
    Overwhelmingly, the young adults of this territory want to belong to a church that is inclusive and accepting of whosoever comes seeking God’s grace. We want a church where everybody belongs, has a voice and plays an authentic role in the body of Christ.