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    A Cashless or Cash-Lite Society? Salvation Army makes presentation to the Government of Canada.

    We Are All Connected

    Five lessons on COVID-19 from Bangladesh.

    I’ve heard people say that this crisis makes us all equal. It does not. We are not. Yes, the virus is indiscriminate and yes, we are all facing the same storms, but this does not equate to a newfound global equality. We are not all in the same boat.

    From Trauma to Triumph

    The Salvation Army Helped Kate Find Her Way.

    “The Salvation Army showed me patience and diversity,” says Kate. “That message pushed me closer to recovery, and I am okay now.”

    Monday Morning Meditation

    A retired Salvation Army officer finds a surprising new ministry.

    When Salvation Army officer Major Gary Venables posted a video playing the pocket cornet he received as a Christmas gift, little did he know that it would become his Monday morning ministry.

    It Takes a Village

    "Sonia's Cradle" Program Helps Growing Families in British Columbia.

    When Sonia Nickle passed away, Sonia’s Cradle, a program in tribute to her kindness and generosity, was created. The program honours her legacy of helping families in need.

    In So Many Words

    Re-examining a well-worn phrase.

    Salvation Army officer Major Howard Webber examines the phrase attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, “Preach the gospel at all times and, if necessary, use words.” But there is no evidence that he ever said or wrote such a thing.

    Campfires, Canoes and COVID-19

    Keeping the benefits of camping ministries alive while camp is cancelled this season.

    Due to COVID-19, camps are not able to operate this season. Because this is God’s work and not ours, and God’s time and not ours, we are believing for even greater things, and are trusting that this summer will be more impactful than those before it, even though we cannot do things the way we have done them in the past.

    Interested in Serving Overseas?

    International Headquarters releases new service opportunities list.

    Territorial News
    The Salvation Army is active in more than 130 countries worldwide. With such a wide scope of ministry, there are many service opportunities for both officers and lay personnel interested in serving overseas. Below is a list of available positions in other Salvation Army territories, prepared by the IHQ personnel department.

    The Main Thing

    Reflecting on 100 Days of Unceasing Prayer and Shared Scripture.

    100 Days
    As a territory, we recently shared the experience of 100 Days of Unceasing Prayer and Shared Scripture, with more than a thousand people taking part from January 1 to April 9.