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A Blooming Mistake

Like my mother and her plants, I need to start looking past the exterior to the heart of a person.

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After an embarrassing incident with her mother, it occurred to Joyce Starr Macias that there was a similarity between my initial attitude toward the plants and the way we often treat people. By valuing each person as a unique creation of God, she now sees the beautiful blossoms of new friendships developing. "I’m expecting those blooms will keep flourishing even for people like me who weren’t born with a green thumb!" she says.

Elizabeth Shepherd: The Jazz Singer

Virtuoso Elizabeth Shepherd's song stylings are praised around the world, but she has stayed true to her Salvation Army roots.

Faith & Friends

"Music is a way for me to understand God," says Elizabeth Shepherd, world-renowned jazz musician and Salvation Army member.

Rahab: Hide and Seek

When a woman with a dark past co-operates with God, her future turns bright.

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Many of us have a dark past, and when we recall that past, we feel unworthy to serve God and share His good news with others. But God used a former prostitute, Rahab,  to help His chosen people. He saw in her a brave heart and a strong soul. 

Movie: Jesus Revolution

Jesus Revolution is more than a movie; it's an invitation to experience revival.

Faith & Friends

Jesus Revolution is based on the book of the same title by Pastor Greg Laurie, founder of Harvest Christian Fellowship, a retelling of his first-hand conversion experience with Lonnie Frisbee and Pastor Chuck Smith. An impressive film that does a great job of detailing the incredible spiritual awakening of the 1960s and ’70s and how God moved during that time, it absolutely has implications for us today. 

Match Game: Enola Holmes 2

In the new movie, Sherlock’s sister seeks the truth about a missing factory girl. But for The Salvation Army, the game was already afoot.

Faith & Friends

In Enola Holmes 2, Sherlock’s sister seeks the truth about a missing factory girl. In the course of her investigations, Enola discovers that unsafe factory conditions are killing the female workers. But in reality, The Salvation Army’s response to this and other social concerns, such as poverty and homelessness, echoes down the years to the present.

Promises, Promises

When God promised an old woman a baby, it was nothing to laugh about.

Faith & Friends

When God promised Abraham and Sarah a baby, the couple laughed. After all, were well into their senior years—and they’d never had kids. That didn’t bother God. With Him, a promise is a promise.  It may take Him longer than we like, but He always keeps His promises. Now that’s something to laugh about!

Promise Kept

During my own frightening time of illness, God provided help, just when I needed it.

Faith & Friends

 The Bible contains many verses about God’s willingness to hold us close in frightening times of need. Joyce Starr Macias is living proof that God keeps his promises. And she is forever grateful that He strengthened her and helped her when she needed it most.

In Service to the Community

Interview with Burlington, Ont., Mayor Marianne Meed Ward.

Faith & Friends

A woman of faith, Mayor Marianne Meed Ward is the second female mayor in the history of Burlington, Ont., and is making history in her community, all while leading with grace and compassion, and is using her gifts to better the people around her. 

Helping Newcomers

Forced to flee violence in her homeland, Jane found support at The Salvation Army in Calgary.

Faith & Friends

Jane* was forced to flee to Canada, along with her children, with virtually nothing. Once she arrived, she turned to The Salvation Army for support.

Puttin' on the Ritz

Jazz up your Valentine’s Day the thrift-store way!

Faith & Friends

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate and show how much that special someone means to you. Hit the Salvation Army thrift store to find some items that might help add a chic and fancy touch to your home dinner. 

Twists of Faith

Anne Beiler is where she is today by the power of grace—and one good man.

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Anne Beiler is best known as the founder of Auntie Anne’s, the world’s largest pretzel franchise. But behind her sunny smile lurks a hint of sadness that, at the age of 74, she has carried with her most of her adult life.

“Overcoming my tragedies, trauma and insecurities has been my greatest success,” Anne states.

Art for a Cause

Paintings raise funds for The Salvation Army.

Faith & Friends

Sonja Cuming Adams raised funds for The Salvation Army’s community and family services in Peterborough, Ont., with a two-day art show last October.

Acknowledging Diversity

Recognizing that many biblical characters were men and women of colour is something to celebrate.

Faith & Friends

As the world turns its attention to Black History Month in February, it’s fitting to prompt a reflection on the “Blackness” of the Bible and the contribution it makes to Black history. The fact remains that the history chronicled in the Bible, the history of Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths, is indeed the history of men and women of colour. The history of Black people.

Compassion and Commitment in Jamaica

Across the island, The Salvation Army, led by powerful women, meets people at their point of need.

Faith & Friends

Around the world and in Jamaica, The Salvation Army is a strong advocate for equity and women in leadership, uplifting and amplifying the voices of women on every level—spiritually, physically and emotionally

"Is This the Night?"

Kent Hepditch had a decision to make—one that would change his life forever.

Faith & Friends

Kent Hepditch wanted to go up to the altar to become a Christian—but he couldn't move. Then, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and someone asked a question that changed his life.

Soul Survivor

Canadian Survivor winner Maryanne Oketch had an important weapon in her arsenal: faith.

Faith & Friends

Despite the hardships, Canadian Survivor winner Maryanne Oketch never considered quitting.  “When it’s raining and all you want is to be dry, you just keep playing the game." And she did!

Love Among the Ruins

1992’s Hurricane Iniki is a reminder to two Salvation Army pastors that love conquers all.

Faith & Friends

1992’s Hurricane Iniki is a reminder to two Salvation Army pastors that love conquers all.

Service in Sudbury

Globe-trotting pilot Bob Ungar has dedicated years of volunteer time to helping The Salvation Army.

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Once a globe-trotting pilot, Bob Ungar hastouched down, dedicating years of volunteertime to helping The Salvation Army.

Hoop Dream

Jazz up your walls or windows using repurposed fabric and an embroidery hoop.

Faith & Friends

Refresh your decor with help from your local Salvation Army thrift store.