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The Spirit of Giving

With the help of The Salvation Army, 12-year-old Sarah Byford raises money to "help children and make them smile."

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Sarah Byford is known for her many fundraisers in the community. She has collected 250 stuffed bears for kids at the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Victoria; made gift baskets and cards and designed golf towels and T-shirts to raise money; sold candy and hot chocolate, using the proceeds for the Ronald McDonald House; spent her birthday money for people in need; and organized raffles and bottle drives for charity.

“I want to help children and make them smile.”


No needling! Here’s the perfect Christmas ornament.

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No spooling! Upcycle empty spools, vintage patterns, random buttons and rickrack trim into festive décor with this fun and easy DIY.

Season of Wonder

New devotional book captures the essence of the Christmas story through a unique lens,

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Making Room in Advent: 25 Devotions for a Season of Wonder is a stunning collection of original paintings depicting the Christmas story as told in the Gospel of Luke, paired with Scripture readings, devotional messages, breath prayers and reflection questions. Whether you are new to the Christmas story or have become overly familiarized with it, this book will help you encounter the Nativity in a fresh and contemplative way as you tune your heart to the wonder of Jesus’ birth this Advent season.

"The Meaning of Giving"

Phyllis Barnaby is forever grateful for The Salvation Army.

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Every time Phyllis Barnaby sees or hears anything related to The Salvation Army, she gets emotional. “The Salvation Army showed me the meaning of giving,” she says, and she now contributes to the Army whenever she gets the chance.

Moss Art

Add a bit of forest to your décor.

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This feature piece on any wall is a simple and cost-effective project. A thrifted frame, paint and paintbrush, cardboard, corkboards, glue gun and glue sticks, and moss brings a bit of forest to your décor.

Trucking In Some Good

Firefighter steps up with a weighty donation to help The Salvation Army help others.

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After 14 years of working as a firefighter, including four years in Kirkland Lake, Ont., Jeremy Alldred-Hughes has always had a heart to serve the community, both on and off work hours. “I feel like any first responder has the passion and desire to help, serve and look after our community. That doesn’t stop when we punch the clock.

Rose Among Thornes

Novel casts a light on the internment of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.

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The cruel treatment of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War is addressed in fictional form by Canadian author Terrie Todd in her page-turning novel, Rose Among Thornes.

Passion Projects

Bob Hostetler lives by a simple yet profound mission statement: to know God and to make Him known.

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Award-winning writer and public speaker Bob Hostetler has been a disc jockey, pastor, magazine editor and freelance book editor. “Who knows how many years I have left?” he smiles. “But my mission—‘To know God and to make Him known’—continues to be a passion for me. That’s why I continue to write, and that’s why I continue to try to reach as many people as possible.”

Blanketed With Love

For a family ruined by war, a simple donation from The Salvation Army held immeasurable value.

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A simple wool grey blanket found in the trunk of his aunt and uncle's car unlocked a wartime mystery for Steve Kawamura.

Journey to Bethlehem

The Christmas story is viewed through a different lens in new movie.

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While many movies have covered the story of the Nativity before, Journey to Bethlehem, in theatres now, offers a unique, musical take on a timeless tale

"So Many Grandmas and Grandpas"

My daughter reminded me that when we look at life with a loving heart, the view has infinite possibilities.

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Strangers would be taking care of her now, thought Therese Vollella as she and her sister deposited their mother into a nursing home. What would these strangers think of her? But God reminded Therese that when we look at life with a loving heart, the view has infinite possibilities.

Signs of Hope

Salvation Army kettle volunteers such as Charlie Rossiter have been beacons of hope for more than 132 years.

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Charlie Rossiter volunteers in the kitchen with The Salvation Army’s Moncton community and family services at their weekly Board Game Café outreach. Last Christmas, he also decided to help with their kettle campaign.

All the Light We Cannot See

A German soldier faces the most crucial choice of his life in Netflix’s new miniseries.

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In the new miniseries All the Light We Cannot See, a German soldier faces the most crucial choice of his life: order the death of a Resistance fighter or disobey his own orders to save her—and risk his life.

"Let's Give Them Hope"

Former Salvation Army client now advocates for the most vulnerable.

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If the doctor had not sent Al Weibe to The Salvation Army, he probably would have died. Now, he helps the Army raise awareness about mental health. “We need to just think about people on the street or people living at The Salvation Army as peers and not some other second-class citizen. Let’s give them hope.”

Ghostly Goings-On

Perfect for Halloween, the gothic horror novel The Vanishing at Castle Moreau also shines a light on a modern-day horror.

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The Vanishing at CastleMoreau is a deliciously spooky gothic horror novel that will have your heart racing.

Out of the Killing Fields

One man's tale of survival and faith that led from war-torn Laos to a peaceful home in Hamilton.

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To mark the 25th anniversary of Faith & Friends, we’ve been asking past editors, current writers and YOU, our readers, to tell us what articles have impacted them. Our article this month was suggested by the very first editor of Faith & Friends, Fred Ash.

Old Tee, New Tee

Upcycle a shirt that needs a little love.

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Here’s a fun, easy way to give an old T-shirt new life with something you probably already have in your laundry room!

"Bad Legs"

My friend, Elinor, is a reminder that God is not limited by my limitations.

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How can a pint-sized five-year-old almost done in by polio end up sharing Christ in one of the most rugged and primitive places on Earth? Read this captivating story of joy and heartache, weakness and strength, of how one woman’s unshakeable faith in God triumphed over insurmountable odds, and impacted thousands.