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The Battle Against Hunger

The Salvation Army is helping to bring food security to those without.

Faith & Friends

October 16 has been designated by the UN as World Food Day. This comes just days after Thanksgiving, when many of us sat with family and enjoyed a large meal together. Maybe this year we will not only give thanks for what we have bu also reflect on the millions of people around the world who have far less than we do. As you will read, The Salvation Army's international development department is involved in many projects around the world, bringing food security to individuals and families.

Coffee Conversations

Sharing hope and encouragement, one double-double at a time.

Faith & Friends
In October 2019, Major Morgan Hillier, the Salvation Army pastor at Mount Pearl Corps, N.L., met a friend for coffee at a Tim Hortons. “He was going through some challenges. As we were talking, I gave him some advice, which I wrote on a napkin,” says Major Morgan. Wondering if others would find it useful as well, he snapped a picture

Rolling With the Punches

Stunt performer Neil Davison brings faith to film.

Faith & Friends

Neil Davison has crashed cars, plummeted off cliffs and been engulfed in flames. He has fought superheroes, monsters and mutants. He’s died a thousand deaths in countless movies and TV shows. “I rely on my faith, but I don’t throw myself into things, thinking, God’s got me,” he says. “Being a good stunt performer is about intelligent courage—I don’t feel like I take foolish or irresponsible risks. But I still find strength in knowing that God is there for me and cares about me.”

A Piece of the Puzzle

What began as fun turned into a chore. Would we ever find the solution to this mystery?

Faith & Friends
Do you think you have all the pieces to your life? That's what Jeanette Levellie thought when she started a puzzle that looked to be a "fun" little way to pass the time. But as she found out, only God knows exactly where each piece fits -- in puzzles or in life.

Escaping the Pain of the Past

Thanks to the Army, Kyle is achieving goals and realizing dreams he never thought possible.

Faith & Friends
With the help of The Salvation Army, Kyle broke away from the chaos and abuse of an abusive family and was able to achieve his goal to return to school. “I got lucky finding The Salvation Army,” he says. “I can’t believe I am alive today, where I’ve come from and how far I’ve made it.”


A little girl’s name reminded Jeanette Levellie of God’s enormous love and power.

Faith & Friends
What's in a name? When it's Calvary, it's a reminder of how God's love changed a family forever.

Out of the Past

Couple turn the corner on their refugee lives.

Faith & Friends
John and Corina Ardelean know what it is like to depend on others for help. Both are from refugee families of the 1989 Romanian Revolution. Now sefely in Canada, they help others who are refugees as they once were.

Diving Right In

Olympic diver Steele Johnson ignored the "what ifs?" and focused on the "why nots?"

Faith & Friends
Olympic diver Steele Johnson refused to let an injury he suffered during competition define him. "I’ve already been through potentially the worst accident of my entire life. If that didn’t stop me, then what makes me think any dive can stop me now? I don’t think God created that accident, but I do know He really blessed it. It became a learning experience that I gained a lot from.”

Ring Ruler

As the world watches her at the Olympics, boxer Mandy Bujold knows who is in her corner.

Faith & Friends
Boxer Mandy Bujold reflects on her boxing journey and how her faith keeps her grounded, inside and outside the ring.

Full-Court Press

LeBron James and the Looney Tunes gang go all out to save the basketball great's son.

Faith & Friends
In Space Jam: A New Legacy, LeBron James' son is abducted by a CGI humanoid named Al-G Rhythm. Can the basketball great and the Looney Tunes gang save him before he gets sucked into the Serververse forever?