Road to Redemption: Tracing God’s Rescue Plan Through His Mission People

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Have you ever tried to read the Bible straight through? You may have run out of gas by Leviticus or been bewildered by the prophetic writings of Daniel. Did you puzzle over the meaning of the Psalms or sigh with relief when you hit the Gospels? Could you disentangle the Apostle Paul’s letters or decipher the mesmerizing imagery in Revelation? The good news is that the Bible is easier to understand when it is viewed as an overarching drama, from Genesis to Revelation. Max Sturge’s Road to Redemption: Tracing God’s Rescue Plan Through His Mission People is a primer that deftly guides readers through God’s mission story of redeeming fallen humanity, first through Israel and then through Jesus and the birth of the church. In the pages of Scripture, we see our own brokenness and need for God’s saving grace and experience the magnificent sweep of salvation history from creation to new creation.

There are occasions when you read something and you say, “I wish I had written that.” Road to Redemption convicted me again of the truth of Scripture, convinced me even more regarding God’s longing to rescue a broken world, and compelled me to do my part in that global mission.—General Brian Peddle, International Leader of The Salvation Army

Road to Redemption is an excellent study guide, which meets an important need in the church. A wonderful piece of work.—Dr. Yau Man Siew, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto

About the Author
Major Max Sturge served for 41 years as a passionate teacher, preacher and officer in The Salvation Army, including 27 years in corps ministry and six years teaching biblical studies and theology at the College for Officer Training in St. John’s, N.L. His first book, Miraculous Healing (2015), explored the perplexing questions of suffering and God’s intervention in our world. Through Road to Redemption, Max aims to further enhance people’s knowledge and appreciation of the Bible and its Author. Max and his wife, Doreen, delight in their three children and their families, including six grandchildren. The Sturges live in Guelph, Ontario, where they enjoy walking its many trails.

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