The Salvation Army in Orillia, Ont., has been running a weekly street ministry since 2016, providing essential help to vulnerable people. They help an average of 200 people each Friday. In 2023, they served more than 9,000 meals. While hot meals are the focus of the program, there is also an emphasis on additional support, such as providing thrift store vouchers, toiletries and sleeping bags. 

Sydney, N.S., saw record snowfall in February when a multiple-day winter storm dropped more than 150 centimetres. The Salvation Army responded by providing spiritual and emotional support, and packing and distributing emergency food hampers in partnership with Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) and the Provincial Incident Management Team.

Education for All

What is schooling for?

Christians need a newspaper in one hand and a Bible in the other— according to theologian Karl Barth. In our Talking It Over series, James Read invites thoughtful Salvationists from around the world to reflect on moral and ethical issues. Here, he speaks with Howard Dalziel about education. 

There's a story behind the painting of Salvation Army co-Founder General William Booth that is in the office of Ted Troughton, National Recycling Operations managing director. managing director.The work of Vernon Miike, manager of The Salvation Army’s thrift store in Oakville, it is a fusion of passion and purpose.

Following the official merging of divisions in January, The Salvation Army celebrated the installation of new leaders and the presentation of divisional flags for the Atlantic and Prairies and Northern Territories divisions. “Having fresh and visionary leadership is essential for the future of the new Prairies and Northern Territories