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  • Jeanette Levellie's mom, with a butterfly sitting on her hand

    The Butterfly

    When I had to move Mom to a nursing home, God surprised me with a wee reminder of His faithfulness. September 23, 2021 by Jeanette Levellie
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    Faith & Friends

    A sign from God helped Jeanette Levellie have peace about her mom's new life in a nursing home.

  • Dr. James Read receives the Order of the Founder from Commissioner Floyd Tidd

    Ethics Centre Director Receives Order of the Founder

    Salvation Army's highest honour goes to Dr. James Read. September 23, 2021 by Kristin Ostensen
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    Territorial News

    Dr. James Read receives award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to education, leadership and teaching in relation to theology and moral and ethical issues in the international Salvation Army.

  • Dr. Michael Boyce

    Big Screen, Bigger Ideas

    New documentary, The Science-Fiction Makers, deals with spirituality, sci-fi and why stories matter. September 22, 2021 by Kimberly Kakegamic
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    Faith & Friends

    New documentary, The Science-Fiction Makers, deals with spirituality, sci-fi and why stories matter.

  • Commissioners Wayne and Deborah Bungay

    The Second Call

    Canadian Salvation Army officers reflect on their international service. September 22, 2021 by Giselle Randall
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    Commissioners Deborah and Wayne Bungay have been Salvation Army officers for 37 years, spending more than 12 years in international service. Today, they serve as territorial president of women’s ministries and territorial commander in the Zimbabwe and Botswana Territory. We spoke with Commissioner Deborah Bungay about adapting to new cultures, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and their vision for the territory.

  • Captain Karen Holland wears a “Just Beat It” T-shirt for brain cancer awareness month in May

    A Colourful Ministry

    After a devastating diagnosis, Captain Karen Holland found a new way to pray. September 22, 2021 by Abbigail Oliver
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    Since being diagnosed with a rare form of malignant brain cancer, Captain Karen Holland has found a new way to engage in pastoral ministry.

  • A Salvation Army children’s program in Rayito de Luz, Paraguay

    Curious and Brave

    A Salvation Army after-school program in Paraguay encourages children to dream and grow. September 22, 2021 by Robyn Goodyear
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    The South America East Territory, in partnership with the Canada and Bermuda Territory and others,  is offering a new after-school program, Curious and Brave. The program offers well-rounded, holistic educational support that provides basic needs for students and families and, as the name suggests, encourages them to be curious, to think critically and to bravely communicate and defend their feelings, emotions and ideas within a safe space.

  • Cadet Krishna McFarlane carries the sessional flag (Photos: Symon Ptashnick)

    Reflectors of Holiness Welcomed

    Canada and Bermuda Territory recognizes new cadets and one auxiliary-captain. September 21, 2021 by Pamela Richardson
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    Territorial News

    Service provides opportunity for family, friends and Salvationists to come together virtually to welcome officers to training college.

  • Pandemic Lessons

    The world is a different place now, and that’s a good thing. September 17, 2021 by Lt-Colonel John P. Murray
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    Opinion & Critical Thought

    Life as we knew it has been disturbed, and that’s not a bad thing, says Lt-Colonel John P. Murray.

  • Tariq Duffuaa (left), pictured here with his wife, Areej Adam, and their children

    Support, “Every Time”

    Two families share how The Salvation Army provided care during their time of need. September 17, 2021 by Melissa Yue Wallace
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    Faith & Friends

    From May 2020 to May 2021, 5,883 people received assistance from The Salvation Army Yorkminster  Citadel in Toronto.

  • Hengameh and Mohammad, along with their baby, Danial, were sponsored by the Army’s Renew Church

    Big Little Miracles

    From Greece to Kelowna, B.C., how one couple found family and a new home with help from the Army. September 16, 2021 by Kristin Ostensen
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    A family's life is changed forever when a Salvation Army church says "yes" to sponsorship.