Sarah Byford is known for her many fundraisers in the community. She has collected 250 stuffed bears for kids at the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Victoria; made gift baskets and cards and designed golf towels and T-shirts to raise money; sold candy and hot chocolate, using the proceeds for the Ronald McDonald House; spent her birthday money for people in need; and organized raffles and bottle drives for charity.

“I want to help children and make them smile.”

Making Room in Advent: 25 Devotions for a Season of Wonder is a stunning collection of original paintings depicting the Christmas story as told in the Gospel of Luke, paired with Scripture readings, devotional messages, breath prayers and reflection questions. Whether you are new to the Christmas story or have become overly familiarized with it, this book will help you encounter the Nativity in a fresh and contemplative way as you tune your heart to the wonder of Jesus’ birth this Advent season.

After a life of music ministry in The Salvation Army and seven years in the Canadian Staff Songsters (CSS), Salvationist Cathie Koehnen has taken over leadership of the CSS following the retirement of Major Len Ballantine. Abbigail Oliver, Salvationist staff writer, spoke with Koehnen about her experience teaching music, the importance of