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Welcome to the heart of transformation! At the Community Mission Department, we are dedicated to creating positive change and fostering a sense of belonging within our communities. Our mission is to empower, engage, and uplift individuals and families through a variety of impactful initiatives.

Join us on this transformative journey, where we work together to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we are the catalysts for positive change, and together, we transform communities.

Hope Amidst Hardship: My Pathway of Hope Experience

Halifax Centre of Hope, Atlantic

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  The Turning Point When I arrived at The Salvation Army, I was overwhelmed, alone, and scared, struggling with severe depression. At 50, life took a significant downturn—I lost everything I held dear. Despite past trials, including escaping abuse as a teenager and overcoming hardships through education and work, I was rebuilding my

Empowered by Hope

Oakville Community Church, Ontario

Integrated MissionPOH Success Story
Eva’s* story is an inspiring example of resilience and determination, reminding us that every journey starts with a glimmer of hope and the promise of a brighter future. It also speaks to the importance of initiatives like the Pathway of Hope (POH) offered by The[CD1]  Salvation Army, which provides unwavering support and guidance to

2023 Pathway of Hope - Highlights Newsletter

Territorial initiative provides families and individuals with a way out of poverty.

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Pathway of Hope provides intensive case management to individuals and families who have a desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis while intentionally surrounding the family with spiritual care for access to spiritual growth and development.


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