Graphic of "The Salvation Army in Community" which displays an animated sequence of scenes of The Salvation Army working in the community - community church, outreach van, youth centre, thrift store, Christmas kettles, community picnic in the park.


As dedicated case workers with The Salvation Army Pathway of Hope, we have the privilege of witnessing countless success stories. Among them, Marina's journey stands out as a shining example of the transformative impact that our work can have on individuals' lives. When Marina first approached the Salvation Army for assistance, her determination

The Agincourt Community Church's Pathway of Hope team is a shining example of dedication, compassion, and excellence in community service. Their commitment to empowering individuals through a comprehensive support system and the provision of welcome packages demonstrates their unwavering belief in the potential of each person they serve. As they continue to promote Pathway of Hope and other community initiatives, their impact reaches far beyond the walls of the church, fostering a stronger and more resilient Agincourt community.

When Grace* escorted her friend to the Salvation Army Comox Valley Ministries for assistance, she did not expect to find herself working on her life goals with the Pathway of Hope staff.  A year to the day she signed up, Grace graduated, achieving her goal of employment and joining a walking club which addressed her health goal.